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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spoil Me!

Now you can easily spoil and pamper your if you even have to THINK about it!

Now don't think, just click and pull out that wallet full of credit cards.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Cam Shows on NiteFlirt!

For those of you have NO clue, I am doing cam and phone on NiteFlirt DAILY! Ok, you may close your mouths and wipe up that drool! I have several listings on NiteFlirt, but all you need to know is I am waiting, impatiently!
Cam and phone
Phone Only
Domme Line – COMING SOOON!!
I CAN offer you a free peek at me view EYEBALL or YAHOO MSGR, but just a peek, just My face, and if you even think about asking for more, you will be escorted out of the building! Rules of conduct are as follows:
1. Say goodbye before hanging up!
2. If you have any special, out of the ordinary requests, email me first as I may not be able to do it.
3. NiteFlirt has specific rules that you can NOT talk about anything illegal, so I must adhere to those requirements, as you must also.
4. Just so we’re clear: NO scat, NO barf, NO blood, NO animals, NO incest, NO ageplay under 18, NO necro, NO drugs, No murder, No rape.
Those are the rules, boys. NO exceptions. Ok, you got the link, the “rules”, now when to call?? I am (currently) unavailable from 11am EST – 3pmEST & 8pm – 11pm Mon – Fri & Sun. This MAY change, so if there is a specific time you want all my attention, just let me know, I can make arrangements. Otherwise, I will be available on NiteFlirt just about any other time except the middle of the night. Gotta get my beauty sleep!!
So Now that we have all that boring stuff covered, lets get to the good stuff. I love sex! I am a Goddess and do require you to behave yourself, but sometimes, I get an urge and I want to be a dirty little slut too! Oral, Vaginal, Anal, all of it rocks My orgasms! My favorite thing of all is to show my big ass on cam, and hear you get all turned on and hot for it. Makes me wet just thinking about it!! IM me, email me, talk to me, and I’m sure we can cum to an agreement!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Video!

I posted a video on YouTube yesterday and ALREADY 295 veiws! I am currently working on yet another and hope to have it uploaded by Weds or Thurs. Sadly, as it nears the dreaded April 15, I am left with little to show for it. My pay piggies have all dwindled and nearly disappeared completely! I KNOW there are some of you out there with money just ITCHING to be given to a worthy Goddess as myself. There may be rewards in it for you. Watch my new video, rate it, comment on it, and LOVE it!!!