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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Video POV Foot Fetish Worship


This video clip was a special request and I had a LOT of fun getting to force "you" to suck my toes and lick my feet clean! Looking down at my foot slave I taunt and tease with my stinky feet and force my toes in your mouth while you get a close up of my sexy size 11 feet! Love to dominate my little bitch while you suck my pretty toes.

Tonight (Wed) I will be on CAM for a few hours in the evening so cum chat and admire my sexy body! If you just want to call me on the phone, I'll be logged in to Niteflirt too! Do message me to schedule a time for cam, request a video clip, on-line Domination, or personal phone time with the Goddess.

Goddess Anna

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Getting Video Clips Requests

How awesome is this! I have been getting video clip requests for my BBW PEAR GODDESS clip store and am soo exited to do these vids! I was wanting to wait until I get my new digital video camera before I did any more new content but I be doing a couple of vids for those requested. So feel free to send in requests and personal requests do cost more than the normal price of the vid. As far as normal pricing goes, C4S will not let me price any vid lower than $.99 over the total minutes of that particular vid. Like if the vid is 4 minutes, the lowest price I can set is $4.99 and if its 12 minutes, the lowest price will be $12.99. SO keep that in mind while you are requesting vids and I will do what I can to fulfill your requests! I am open to just about anything, but a clip that requires someone else in the vid may not be doable, but feel free to ask anyway and maybe we can work something out. I'd list what I can do but I would rather leave it open ended and see what you naughty boys out there can come up with. Don't be shy! Keep updated on when I post new stuff and when I am available on cam and phone by joining my Yahoo Group and follow me on Twitter!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Unusual Moments for an Adult Phone Actress

So I work daily for a phone sex acting line which is awesome but none of the characters I have to play are me, so its like an all day event of role playing. I never have a dull moment at work (expect in between calls) and every day is like an adventure. I have a very sexy voice and love to get off on the phone with strangers which is something I did long before I got this gig 3 years ago. I won't go into great detail about the characters I have to play because they are very generic so it doesn't even matter. I am allowed to RP "taboo" things that most other lines do NOT allow (including but not limited to me Niteflirt line which is no acting & ll me yay!) which I am ok with most of the time. We are allowed to do age Role Play, but NOT allowed to talk about someone else under age. What I have been getting a lot of ( and by a lot I mean let's say one or so a day) men who want to talk about their underage daughters or step daughters. I don't get how some of these sick bastards can casually talk about their pre-teen "daughter" (I am assuming they don't really have one) in a sexual way to me and believing I think its ok? Yes I do phone sex and by general standards that is pretty perverted and dirty in itself, but that does not mean in any way that I enjoy casual conversation about molestation and rape of an underage girl (or boy for that matter). I have no idea where these dregs of humanity come from, but they need to stay there. Yes I am paid to talk to dirty men all day about their inner most sick fantasies, but when they start telling me how hot their 10 year old daughter is, I want to fucking throw up. I don't care how much they pay me, and if I get canned from this gig becuase of it, then so be it, but I will not entertain this sickness. Every time I do, it gives them the mental peace of mind that it is ok to think those things about someone underage. Well its not ok. Its a sickness.
I know lots of fetishes and perversions that the social norm thinks is a sickness too, but when you force yourself on some one, especially a child who trusts you, I consider that the worst possible thing you can do to a human being. I know I am not in the minority in that thought process either. Yes, Age play between two consenting adults is FINE and it is very therapeutic for both. I am the last person to judge when it comes to sexual fantasy, but even I have standards and limits. Anyone who has a real sexual attraction to an underage child should get psychological help. Period.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Youtube High Heel video

It's been too long! I hadn't uploaded any new content on my YOUTUBE channel in a while. I went to check on my page and found out one of my videos had been deleted! It was nothing more than a teaser for my Oily Belly Rub Video and showed me in panties rubbing oil and my fluffy fat belly. There was nothing dirty or overtly sexual about the video, just fat tummy & baby oil. So, yet again, I have fallen victim to the discrimination of Youtube and their obvious hatred for anyone over a size 6 showing too much skin. I can search and find HUNDREDS of flat stomachs baring all and in bikinis showing much more than I ever did on Youtube, but that is pointless in trying to prove to them they do discriminate. I guess I have way too much sexy for them unless, of course, I am MAKING FUN of fat people, then it seems to be okay. In fact, type bikini in the Youtube search & my point is proven. The only difference? Those videos DON'T get flagged. There are folks who SEEK OUT videos of Big Beautiful Women and flag them just to hate. But then, I am sure you all know this. Problem is, why do we accept it? Why do we just allow them to say the backs of a large woman's legs is "inappropriate" because some do not find them sexy? That is not enough of a reason. Personal preference is not a justifiable cause for "inappropriate content". Sorry for my soapbox, but I know that I am not the only one this happens to and despite the fact that the video was no big deal, it wasn't even close to being a naughty video.
So in response, I uploaded a video of my bare naked legs and walking in my new white platform heel boots! So please do go have a look. I wasn't going to upload this one, but decided I might as well share it! Watch , enjoy, RATE!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Make a cold day hot

Just putting some more pics assessable on my PICTURE only site, My VIDEO site and my RUDESPACE Today. Been stuck inside for 3 days going on 4 and am going STIR CRAZY not being able to take any new pics or vids with others being stuck here as well so I'm gonna put out what I have been saving up and take requests as they cum! As always, You can find me on CAM or YAHOO IM for chat!
Love my big fat sexy body and worship this Goddess Ass!!

Looking for lots more in 2011 when I get my new equipment so make a request or suggestion and look for more hotness from the GODDESS!!