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Monday, December 31, 2012


To my Fans & Followers & Friends.  You all are so amazing to keep sticking with me while I am tying to get things in order.  I had no idea that buying a house and the move and the unpacking and buying more furniture, and settling and SO MUCH!!  My Faithful fans, I know my updates have not been as planned, but with the cumming year will bring more of your Goddess!  I have lots of requests, my own ideas, and as soon as I get a faster PC (within the next couple of months) I will be setting a regular webcam schedule. And next week I will have a regular NiteFlirt schedule as well!!  So look for it posted on my Blog, my Yahoo Group, my Tumblr, or my Twitter!  You won't have to miss seeing me for much longer!  I have noticed that my updates became more foot fetish than anything else, and I do miss showing off my entire large, beautiful body! 

Have fun tonight and bring the New Year in RIGHT!

Goddess Anna

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Company demands I remove them from my blog

So I got 2 emails today from Green dot /M oney pak today.  They are demanding I remove all mention of them from my “website”, which is actually this blog.

WTF? The blogs are well over a year old, and I haven’t used those cards in a long time, but my problem isn’t so much that.  How do they have any right to threaten me with “legal action” by just mentioning their website on a BLOG.  Is this a violation of free speech?  Again, I really don’t care about them, but I am not using their “logo” just typing words and a link.  What it seems to be is that this link shows up on a blog that has adult content, and they don’t like that.

To summarize, when you use the name of a company, suddenly, its a trademark and you can’t blog about how shitty they are, because their name is protected.  I call bullshit.

I will most definitely remove their link and mention of their company and do NOT want anyone to buy one for me.   Any company that can threaten to take legal action for mentioning or linking to them on a blog is shady, underhanded and does NOT need my business!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

You May Call Goddess

Give in to the Goddess and call me on Niteflirt! Wake Up to my sexy voice!

Call Button
1-800-863-5478 ext 02-54-340-5 All calls overs 10 minutes get free minute for next time! All of my photo sets, videos, and recorded messages are also available 24/7!!
*shaking my big sexy fat Goddess ass*

Goddess Anna

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fat Ass Jiggle And Shake Slow Motion

You can never get enough of this big beautiful butt!!

On all fours on the bed, ass up, shaking and jiggling and smacking this big sexy fat ass.  But even better, you can watch all that fat slow motion jumping.  This is how it looks when you're behind me, riding me hard with your big dick, but it looks so good, you want it to last forever, see every curve, every wave of those big cheeks burned in your mind in slow motion.  This ass is just like fucking poetry!


I love how my 62 inch ass spread wide when I get on my knees. Watch up close from behind while I hypnotize you once again. Rocking, Shaking, Clapping, Jiggling and spreading my big sexy ass in SLOW MOTION! Just imagine your face, or your cock, pressed right against those cheeks feeling my flesh slap against you. Have a look at that wet pussy and tight asshole while you're back there! 

For Clip Requests send me an email!

Goddess Anna

Monday, August 13, 2012

No I Will Not Get Paid For Sex

I understand that a lot of people think a prostitute is the same thing as a webcam model, or porn actress.  And it is a fact that some do all of those things.  So it does not really anger or annoy me when someone asks if they can fuck me for $XXX amount of money.  It used to, but I realize that not everyone reads profiles, and like I said, they thing the modeling and videos I do are the same as prostitution.  Maybe they are uncertain because I see nothing wrong with getting paid for sex.  There are lots of wonderful women who can do it, but I am not one of them.  What DOES annoy me, however, is when I tell them no thank you, or let them know what it is I actually do, and they continue to ask, beg, plead, grovel, etc.  And oh yes, I do love a man who begs, but this is non-negotiable.
So this is what I will do.
CLIPS at or 
IM CYBER paid tribute through NITEFLIRT & IM on Yahoo or SKYPE

Any questions?  ^_^   I'm glad we got that all cleared up!

Goddess Anna

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

BBW Giantess Stomps Marshmallow

New Awesome CRUSH Clip!!!

These little motherfucking haters have been talking behind my back! As if a BBW Giantess can't hear them. HA! I show these little fuckers just what happens when they start talking about Me. Even the camera is scared as it shakes with every step! I prove I am far more powerful, turning all of those marshmallows into GOO! They cry and beg for mercy and try to cling to my wrinkled soles after I step on them, but they soon learn, BBW Giantess has no mercy for bullshit. Even the camera is scared as it shakes with every step! 


Always a pleasure with my POV foot fetish clips!!  More to come, so why just buy one clip when you can join and get access to ALL 83 clips, and an occasional special blog only posted in the members site!


For more personal one-on-one time with Goddess, there are other options.  Niteflirt phone lines are an excellent way to voice your admiration & appreciation for Goddess.  But an even better way is to see Me live on webcam.  Niteflirt has that too, as does, JUSTBBWCAMS.  If you can't seem to catch me when I am logged in, you may request a reasonable time.  Show me even more appreciation with gifts (yes, I did mention my Birthday is in 10 days!) from my WISHLIST or tributes are accepted as well.  Yes, you do get special consideration for doing so.  Video Clip requests are accepted, but special requests require a little more. 
I will leave you now to sit in awe at My Goddess body, towering above you, while you worship at my feet.

Goddess Anna

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I Know You Have Missed Me

But really, I haven't gone anywhere. I have been sucked into the void of buying a house, packing, moving, buying more furniture, getting everything the way I want it, and trying to figure out how to tend to so many plants and trees and lawn! Whew! I hate run-on sentences. Anyway, I wanted to let everyone know I haven't been avoiding you all, just literally been too busy to do anything else. I have enjoyed it immensely as I love my new house, even though there are still about 10 or so boxes not unpacked. I have started getting my office looking nice, but still have a little ways to go. These past few months have been a whirlwind, really. True, I haven't quite reached the point of being able to sit back and relax on my front porch yet, but I am much closer. I do miss being on line, being on webcam, and the phones and interacting with everyone like I had. So I am going to make DAMN sure I have time to assure my fans, and friends, that I am still here and wanting very much to get more videos posted while I return to the webcam as well! Seriously, its been a rough 5 or so months, but don't feel bad for me, its all been worth it as I love my new house. See ya'll on cam, or twitter, or Niteflirt, or here, where ever!

Goddess Anna

P.S. also, REAL exited about my birthday in ELEVEN days! Can you imagine?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Enjoying My Summer

Just a little update, I have had to restrict memberships for My Yahoo Group since there have been so many spammers posting in the group.  Including self centered wanna-be bitches who can't get their own fans, so they have to try to steal them.  *Ahem*  Nothing will change, I will just have to accept or deny all new members who want to be in the group.  I thought I would bring it to your attention since I know how annoying all that crap is.  When you get a notification that a post or picture has been uploaded, I can imagine your disappointment when it has nothing to do with ME!

And, to address Webcam sessions that so many of you keep asking about.  I am available for Webcam through JUSTBBWCAMS , or on NITEFLIRT  for cam with phone,  or through a TRIBUTE  at $2.50/min for Yahoo Messenger or Skype, and would like for you to schedule a time.  As it stands right now, I would be available before 11am & after 9pm EST.  Always email or Instant message me to request a time prior to making a tribute.  I will be getting on webcam next week, and will decide soon what regular hours I will be online.  I am looking forward to showing off my new office as it transitions from a boring little room, to my own little play place.

I am settling in, even still, two months after the move and it finally feels like home!  I hate having been away from all my fans and being unable to get any videos uploaded to my CLIPS4SALE  store.  But not to worry.  What I have planned will more than make up for my unfortunate hiatus.

Also, I am VERY excited to post a new Photo set exclusively for the Yahoo group since we have reached a whopping 1,700 members!!  Welcome, and enjoy your time here, but do come visit me on Twitter , Tumblr, YouTube , DailyMotion ,  or my Yahoo Group. Goddess Anna is always watching, so do behave, hmm?

Allowing you to worship my ass,

Goddess Anna

Monday, May 28, 2012

Close Up Toes And Soles

Your wish to get closer to my sexy feet and worship my soles is granted!!

Lying in bed, wiggling and pointing my toes. I suppose you can worship me, but you must take your place at my feet, as always. You get to see my delicious soles and toes pointing up close!! I bet you can almost smell them! Admiring my wrinkled soles and my big sexy feet, you are the lucky little foot slave! I can almost feel your tongue, begging to taste my soles. Behave, and you may be given the privilege! 

To get all my clips in MP4/Ipod format, go to my other store @
Look for more updates in My YAHOO Group!! Its going to be a VERY hot summer, and I don't mean the weather.  I have lots of plans for the next few months and maybe even a few surprises! 

BBW Goddess Anna

Monday, April 23, 2012

Goddess had been missed!

Oh I know you have all missed me and thought I was leaving or something, but if you've been following me on Twitter , you would know that is not the case.  I am working very hard on my final week of moving and will be posting more updates within a week!  I will no longer have a bedroom office, but my own space.  In the very near future, I will have a scheduled time for Webcam  and Niteflirt  so there is light at the end of the tunnel and right in the middle is ME.   Also, I posted this on my YouTube:

"I see the haters (or those who think I am competition) have flagged my VIDEO BLOG until it was taken down by the almighty idiots in charge of YouTube who do NOT review flags, but remove videos at their whim. A video blog is not inappropriate content. It is freedom of speech. I was doing nothing provocative in my Video Blog, only talking with my feet propped up. Hell, I wasn't even wearing anything naughty!!  No matter, you all know what this means. Thank you to all my awesome subscribers, but you will have to look for my videos on DailyMotion from now on. I am so sorry to leave it like this, but I don't have time for the pettiness here. I wish you all well. The Goddess will always be available at my Yahoo Group & Twitter. At least I know I won't be subjecting to discrimination & double standards there."

So Just a heads up.  If you're looking for my vids, you have to sign up to DailyMotion  to see them with the Family Filter "off".  Any questions you have for me you may ask here,  through email, or TUMBLR.  If you are willing to wait a little over a week, you may go ahead and request for Clips4Sale  or any photo sets for Images4sale .  Goddess would LOVE some housewarming presents for my new place. Imagine me thinking about YOU every time I use....? $poil Me  Wishlist & of course I have my Naughty Wishlist !!
I think I covered everything.  I look forward to enticing you more and hypnotizing you with my ass, having you worship at my feet, and realizing your place is to spoil me as a Goddess.

Goddess Anna

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Inflation Fantasy - How big will I get?

Brand new!!
***Special Requested Clip***
Thank you SO much for sending me all those snack cakes! Did you really think I wouldn't try to eat them all? But it seems there is something special about those snacks! As I devour them all,something strange starts happening, and I keep expanding!! What's going to happen? How big will I get?
Am I going to pop?

Watch my tummy get bigger & bigger until.....?


More fetish clips coming! Food & Object Crush, Giantess, Ass Worship, etc!!
So glad my fans are so true to me! Glad you all are patient while I continue to pack and move & attempt to get settled. It won't be much longer before I have many more outdoor clips in my new place! Follow me on Twitter to keep updated!!!

Goddess Anna

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Giantess Barefoot Trample French Bread

New CRUSH clip!!


I love how I always turn it around and WALK all over you!! Back and forth, Trampling you into submission until you are crumbled and flat beneath my feet. You LOVE feeling my mighty weight pressing down on you! Oh if only it was your and not just a proxy loaf of french bread!


I'm always taking requests for clips so email me! Remember I take requests for any foot fetish, ass fetish, giantess, crush fetish, eating, and everything in between as long as it doesn't require another person (that would take longer, if I can do it at all). Follow me on Twitter to stay up to date on what's going with me!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

BBW Giantess

Now open! Another Clips4sale store! This store is completely dedicated to BBW Giantess Clips! There will be multiple formats, all Giantess and Foot Fetish Food Crush clips!!

For both mobile and PC. All BBW GIANTESS!

As always, I love requests!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

A little update

When it rains, it pours.Best way I can describe how my past couple of months have been. If you don't know, I have been looking for a house to buy since last year, and finally found one! There were other offers on the house, and amazingly, mine won! I must have been naive, because I was not prepared for all the paperwork, printing, signing, reprinting, re-signing, proving where every penny of my money came from. Feeling like the next thing they were going to ask for was a blood sample! All that calmed down, finally, then the strangest things kept happening. Lightning storm FRIED my surround system which I watch my DVDs on (and nothing else in the house was affected), I got a blue screen on my PC for the first time in YEARS, my only vehicle completely tore up (took 5 days to find out what was wrong with it) and a steel pulley that my Husky uses for his runner fell apart for no reason. So, yes, its been VERY weird around here.
I have opened up 2 new stores with clips4sale, trying to add the same clips in different formats, and finding no extra time to do my new clips. I have boxes everywhere, trying to pack, so no real space to do anything in either. All in all, I am glad that I am buying a house, but with all this other crazy stuff going wrong, I am beginning to wonder! Thanks for listening, just thought I'd give a little insight into why I haven't been around much or on Messenger, either. Once I get my office in my new house settled, I will be available more on cam and Niteflirt, and have more room to shoot clips. Especially outside ones!! I'll hopefully update more soon!


Friday, March 2, 2012

POV Big Butt Facesitting

Naked Goddess need a good seat cushion!!

Extreme Closeup! Naked Goddess wants to smother her naughty little slave! I love looking down at your face, my seat cushion and telling you just how lucky you are to have the PRIVILEGE to bury your face in between my MASSIVE ass cheeks! Oh, but how long with I smother your face with my ass, pressing my asshole onto your nose? Maybe this time, I won’t get up in enough time for you to catch your breath!

Worship that big, fat heart shaped ass!!


Want me to get up and let you breathe? Prove it to me you are worth it!! AMAZON WISHLIST

I'm always adding new clips, so why buy one at a time? JOIN for all access:

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Siff My Dirty Socks!

Dirty little foot slave!

BBW Goddess Anna Fetish Clips 30101

I love looking down at my foot slave and taunting you with the smelling socks! I allow you an extreme close up of my stinky, dirty, socks, and those deep wrinkled soles.

Come a little closer, I bet you can smell just how sweaty and stinky my Goddess feet are!!!


Join for access to ALL my clips!!

Email me for requests, compliments OR show your devotion as my slave and send s gift from my WISHLIST. Any gift gets free stuff in return, so its a win-win!!


Monday, February 20, 2012

Dildo Fuck In Pantyhose

I got so turned on I had to tear through my Pantyhose to get this big fat cock in my pussy!


The suction cup of my new toy wasn't holding good, so I ended up laying on my robe right on the bathroom floor to fuck myself to 3 HUGE screaming orgasms. The best part about it is this was a gift from my WISHLIST so the one who gifted it to me gets this clip for FREE! Don't you wish it was you!!

I love how you can hear how wet and slippery my pussy is! My squirting, gushing orgasms felt SO good, I am going to LOVE playing with my new toy a LOT!!

Feel free to ask questions privately through email, or in My Yahoo Group. I will be TWEETING all week so follow me to keep updated! Join to get access to ALL my clips & pics!!!

Any gift bought from any of my wishlists gets you a free pic set, or vid clip, or cam show!!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

BBW Ass Cake Crush

Happy Valentines Day!!! From BBW Goddess Anna at


Have I got a special surprise for you! A new amazing clip available at my store AND my members site!

I baked this cake special for you for Valentine's Day so you better eat it!! Only one thing to do with a cake this pretty and an ass this big!!

Hope you enjoyed eating cake off my ass as much as I enjoyed feeling the cake flatten under my massive ass!!


Goddess Anna

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Goddess IPOD MP4 Clips4Sale

Hey!! Did you know I also have a IPOD MP4 only store! I will be adding more clips and eventually have every clip available in MP4. If you have a special request that you want as an MP4, do let me know so I can put it high on the priority list!

So far, I have 18 of the 72 clips added, and will get them all!

May 2011 Measure & Weigh In
Ass Shakn' Ass Clappin' Ass Jigglin' Goddess
Big 61 Inch Ass In Panty Hose
BBW Barefoot Egg Shell Crush
POV Giantess Barefoot Goddess
POV Domination Forced Foot Worship
POV Foot Worship as Goddess Eats
BBW Strawberry High Heel Crush
BBW Ass Shake & Tease
BBW Nude Foot Tease
Big Booty Baby Oil Rub
Naked POV Facesit Domination
POV Ass Worship in Panty Hose
POV Facesitting under Huge BBW Ass
BBW Strawberry Bare Foot Crush - Ipod
POV Giantess In White Boots -MP4
Slow Motion Bare Foot Walk
BBW Giantess Loud Foot Steps
Big Ass In Tight Jeans

Let me know what you think!!! Soon to come Giantess only Clips4sale store!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Giantess Crunches tiny Cranberry People

Listen to them crunch beneath my feet!!!


Once Upon a time there was a little village that was thought to be a happy place. Everyone there claimed to be accepting, kind, and giving. Until one day, they felt the ground shake and tremble beneath their feet. The sky darkened with a massive shadow. Looking up, they realized with horror that they were in the shade of a Great and mighty Giantess who came to them seeking this rumored acceptance. What the Giantess received from the "kind" tiny people was yelling, insults, and curses. They came at the mighty Giantess with Rocks and Fire and Hate. They demanded she leave them at once and never dare to return to darken their sky again. To their surprise, Giantess Anna would not leave them so easily.

Lots of clips to come! Why buy one clip at a time when you can see them all at for $12.95/month!
Want to see me crush something? Or show your devotion by sending a gift to get a personal clip, photos, or cam show in return? My Amazon $poil Me Wishlist & My Naughty Amazon Wishlist.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Slow Motion BIG Ass Shaking

Hypnotic Ass Tease!

I shake my hips and jiggle my ass and slowed down the clip to 1/4 speed! Enjoy the hypnotic, trance inducing sway of my 62" ass.

Preview Clip:

Thank you all for making the group so awesome!
Lots more ass clips to cum!! So join for unlimited access to all my clips!
Follow me on TWITTER ! Check out My Porn Profile !

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Trampling Eggplant Crush

Watch my DESTROY this Eggplant with my weight & Feet!!

Its makes such a gross sound once I break it open! I was amazed at how long it could take me walking across it before it busted! Mighty Giantess Wins again!


To see all my clips, join! For the free stuff & updates, join my YAHOO GROUP. You may always follow me on TWITTER or send me your clip request by email!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Giantess Footsteps

Oh I love Requests!

Specifically wanting to hear how it sounds when a heavy Giantess walks around on a bare floor! Not even trying to, I walk back and forth, barefoot. At times, even watching the camera shake at my might and my weight. Oh, now nothing to be afraid of this time, I won't be crushing my tiny servant. Not yet anyway!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Giantess Crush Tiny Men 2

Another Amazing Giantess Crush clip!!! BBW Goddess Anna FETISH

I have a fan who just LOVES to watch me DESTROY these tiny men!

Crushing these tiny men with my GIANTESS bare feet is always SO fun! If you're interested in purchasing something from me that I have crushed (non food of course) do let me know. I have saved all the pieces of these "men" that I crushed. Especially the decapitated ones!

Enjoy lots of BBW Foot Fetish, crushing, and Giantess clips in my store or join my MEMBERS site to get access to all my clips and pics!! $12.95 a month!

Don't forget to VOTE for BBW Goddess Anna for the best Clips4Sale store in the STAR STATUS AWARDS in Atlanta, Ga.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

New poll for BBWPearGoddess Yahoo Group!

Enter your vote today! A new poll has been created for the
BBWPearGoddess Yahoo group:

Ass Squashing vid!! I have made a few foot crushing vids, but now I wanna crush
and squash stuff with my big 62" booty!
I have a few ideas, but lets see what my lovely fans & followers & sub boys

Let's have some fun with this!

To vote, please visit the following web page:

o WaterMelon
o Grapefruit
o Inflateables
o Big Balloons
o Cans (done with my sitting on a board or something to keep me safe)
o Tower of storage containers made to look like mini buildings
o Chocolate Cake (with or without icing)
o Jelly Filled Cake
o Blow Up Sex Doll
o Barbie Doll Giantess Style (though I don't think she would actually break)
o Other: Make a suggestion in the group or in private email!

To vote, please visit the following web page:

BBW Goddess Anna

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Slow Motion Barefoot Walk

Filmed in HD at regular speed, then slowed down to half speed so you get to watch my feet and soles with each slow step!


This clip even gives you the benefit of hearing a few footsteps on the carpet and watching my massive thighs shake with each slow movement.

Makes you feel like such a tiny observer, wondering if this Giantess is going to stomp on you!

Join now for access to all my video clips AND pics: Also check out the LINKS section to see how to send me gifts!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Call Me On Niteflirt!

Give in to the Goddess and call me on Niteflirt! Give in to your Desire!

Call Button

1-800-863-5478 ext 02-54-340-5 All calls overs 10 minutes get free minute for next time! All of my photo sets, videos, and recorded messages are also available 24/7!! *shaking my big ass* Goddess Anna


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Eating Yummy Powdered Donuts

Oh how lucky you are! You get to watch me enjoy 6 powdered donuts while rubbing and massaging my belly.

Lots more new vids to come! Let me know your Fetish. Goddess has MANY!

Clips4Sale Store # 30101

Love that sexy Body!!

Join My site for access to all my vids!

Love Ya!

Goddess Anna

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 2012 Weigh In & Measure

I love showing off my big sexy body!! I wonder if I've gained any weight over the holidays? Since my last Weigh-In vid I had lost 10 pounds, so I bet I managed to gain the weight back plus more! Taking my measurements of every fat bit of my beautiful BBW body, I show off all my sexy curves!

Always taking more requests, so send me a message!!

Also, I've been nominated in the Star Status Awards So please show your love & vote for me! If I get enough votes I will attend the event. It will be my first BBW event if I do!

Don't see your fetish in my store, let me know! :)

If you want to see ALL my vids, you can join here:

Goddess Anna

Monday, January 2, 2012

More Foot Worship Clips

Two new clips for you foot lovers!


BBW Foot Job Dildo

Make love to my big feet with that cock! Watch me tease and play with my big dildo all slippery and hard against my soles. Don't you wish it was your cock? Imagine how good it feels in between my feet and stroking with my toes. Good boys get to squirt on my feet!

Foot Crush Dildo
Think your dick is big enough? HA! I show you just what I love to do to little dicks with my little 5" dildo. Shame it isn't the real thing! I stomp with my bare feet, feeling it squish beneath my full weight, wanting to pop those little pathetic balls of yours!

Keep those requests coming! Any props you may want me to use or wear, I do accept gifts in exchange for a FREE vid clip or photo set or Cam show! Foot Domination webcam sessions are by APPOINTMENT ONLY and are $2.50 a minute!

BBW Goddess Anna