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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Inflation Fantasy - As Big as a Balloon

Feeling so full from my trip to the All You Can Eat buffet, I talk about all the foods I ate & how full I am but I just can't resist those cookies! I start to eat them, talking with my mouth full, until I have gone past the point of no return! I start to inflate like a big sexy round balloon! Oh, I love how it feels when I am fully inflated! Gift me from my WISHLIST .
So many more clips and fetish ideas coming!! 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cuckold Fantasy

 You Are My Little Dick Cuckold For Big Black Cock

Looking right at you, my little dick submissive boy, I tell you exactly what I want you to do.  Rubbing all over my luscious fat body while I turn my little dick admirer into a cuck for a big black cock.  I love to watch you suck on it, turning me on and making me so hot.  You want to please Goddess so much…you would do anything for me. Take that big fat black cock in your ass pussy for me!!  I talk you through it, teasing my fingers all over my big fleshy body.  Don’t worry, I love encouraging a little small penis Goddess worshiper like you to be my cuck and will talk you through the whole thing!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Friday!

Hello to my followers, fans & friends!  I have been very busy this week gearing up for more webcam time and logging on to Niteflirt every day!  I am so excited to share this big, luscious body with you and all those fluffy curves!  If you haven't seen me on webcam, I will be frequenting 3 sites:

I will also be doing Skype webcam for tributes and phone calls through NITEFLIRT (by request).
I'm sure you have noticed more activity on my store so YES I am taking requests and will be shooting more frequently as well.  If your video request requires a specific outfit or object, I do have a WISHLIST you can purchase things as my props or costumes for your requests!  I know that there are some who just do not like to order through Amazon, and I totally understand,  I do not accept PayPal because they are very strict about not having any adult-related transactions, so if anyone else knows of an adult friendly method of payment, feel free to share it with me!  Also, feel free to browse the LINKS section of my Tumblr for other ways to find me.
So welcome to my web of enticement. Allowing you to see me, and to please me, and please you too.  I will be your Domme, your virtual lover, and everything in between.  Enjoy coming along for the ride I am about to embark on with more fetish clips, more tantalizing phone calls, and real time webcam.  You have stared at my ass long enough, isn't it time you gave in to what you really want?

Goddess Anna

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

BBW Asshole Winking & Huge Ass Tease

This was a very hot Requested Clip!! Laying naked in bed, I tease you with my big, lucious fabulously vat body & massive jiggling ass cheeks. Spreading the phat ass I let you peek at my asshole. Give you a wink and makes you wish your face was burring DEEP in there! See how much control I have on that asshole? Winking and squeezing. Imagine that tight Fat ass around your COCK!!

Call me on Niteflirt &tell me how much you fucking LOVE this ass! 
1-800-863-5478  ext: 02543405 

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Polish Goddess Toes Pink

After my shower and rubbing lotion all over my body, my legs, and my feet. You are my tiny little man on the floor. Watching as I gently polish my toe nails a pretty pink! Oh, don't you wish you were big enough to be able to polish them for me? Or perhaps you lack the talent to paint toe nails? Either way, I have to do them myself, making you watch. Oops, hope I don't step on you!!

 Preview Video:

I know you wish to be close enough to worship those sexy feet & toes.  You must give Goddess a gift from her wishlist to pamper My feet to show your appreciation as My foot slave.

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