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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Goddess Morning

Over 400 views and no comments? Very disappointing. I deserve more recognition.

Rate My sexy teaser and comment on it. Prove your devotion to ME, and I may respond with kind. Though I seriously doubt it!!

I have been a very busy Goddess this week! What with blogging, starting my Youtube channel, working on my MySpace and Yahoo Group, I really need something to help relax Me. A tan would be lovely. It is getting warmer here in Georgia so shorts and short skirts are in. Tanning is such a pleasure and a treat for Me. I wonder which submissive I will allow to finance My body tan?
Until then, I am hard at work building up my lists of admirers, submissives, and pay piggies giggle.
Don’t be shy boys, you know you want to do more than passively admire My sexy bbw Pear body. Message or email Me, and know your place!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

An Introduction

I am BBW Goddess Anna. At 36 I almost consider myself a self-proclaimed MILF, although it is more simple to address me as "Goddess" or "Ma'am". I derive great pleasure in finding those weaklings whose knees tremble at the sight of my sensual pear shape. You know who you are. Having to force your eyes away, despite being completely aware that I now own you and can control you at My whim. You see, as I am worthy or your worship, I am MORE worthy of your donations. Perhaps enough will inspire me to give you personal attention. Although it may sound more like financial domination, I prefer to consider it a trade. Your money for MY time, simply put I am far more valuable than you.
I may allow quick cam peek, or a lengthy conversation, but understand, there is no cyber Domination without permission and payment, plain and simple! I enjoy taking your hard earned money and laughing at your silly, ridiculous claims to be a "real" man. Pathetic wimps, worthless males, and whipping boys required.

My new Yahoo Group

Alright you wimps, losers, and ass worshippers out there. my Yahoo group is for you to join and offer yourselves to Me. I have pictures for you to drool over and links for other ways to worship and adore Me. Why are you still sitting there? You know it has been nagging you, your desire for me to control you, My body irresistable and delicious.


I will be updating every few days with pictures, links, even a few video teasers coming! So stop being your normal shy, frightened self and let Me take you into my soft embrace. But only if you behave. You would NOT enjoy My punishments!


Click to join BBWPearGoddess

Click to join BBWPearGoddess