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Monday, December 19, 2011

You May Call Me

Give in to the Goddess and call me on Niteflirt!

Something you have been dying to say to Me on the phone? Any secrets? Feeling the need for Goddess to Dominate you? Just want to get hot & dirty & get off? Don't be shy, I am right here!

Call Button

1-800-863-5478 ext 02-54-340-5

All calls overs 10 minutes get free minute for next time!
Don't wait for a missed opportunity, you may schedule a time to call me, so send me a message or Follow me on Twitter to know when & where I am. All of my photo sets, videos, and recorded messages are available 24/7!!

*shaking my big ass*

Goddess Anna

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Belly Button Fetish


CLIPS4SALE # 30101

Big Deep Belly Button
I know you love that big, sexy, jiggly belly. But what fascinates you is that deep, mysterious belly button! II let you get up close and personal with my deep belly button, making your mouth waterand your tongue want to reach out and taste. Want to see how deep it is? Want to finger it? Want to watch it disappear in the folds of my fat belly?


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Goddess Foot Bath Pampering

My Feet are dirty & need to be pampered & clean!!

Love My Foot Fetish Vids? I have many and LOVE getting your requests!!


CLIPS4SALE # 30101


More amazing Foot Fetish & Crushing Vid Clips coming!!

Goddess Anna

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Holidays Are Coming

And as you know, every Goddess loves gifts! I have made your gift giving easy for you this year, too! Any gifts get a special gift in return! I'm giving you lots of options here. You may buy from one of my Amazon Wish lists:

Naughty Wishlist:
Spoil Me Wishlist:
Entertainment Wishlist:
OR you can just buy an Amazon Gift card & let me do the shopping!

Another way is always the best way, the gift of money to Goddess by sending a tribute through NITEFLIRT!

Or if you prefer more anonymity, there is Green (REMOVED) Cards. www.m(******* (edited to avoid harrassment and legal action for blogging about them)
Have something special you want to send me? Store Gift Card? Stockings? Something you want me to crush on video? You may mail to my PO Box, so ask & I will give it to you privately!
Any gifts get a personal gift back. Maybe a picture set of me wearing what you gifted me, or photos, or maybe a webcam show! I will try to not open my gifts before Christmas, so you have a little bit of time to decide. No gift is too small, or too large. ;)
Goddess Anna

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Balloon Pop

Oh How I love to make those Balloons POP in my newclips4sale video clip
Imagine if you will, many colorful air-filled balloons verses a 330-pound Goddess! I wonder who will win?

Want to request a private webcam show with me popping balloons? Or maybe foot fetish is more your style? Just interested in seeing the Goddess eat? Perhaps a session of Ass Worship? Whatever your perversion,fetish, or desire, Goddess Anna is all you need.
And if all you want to do is pick up the phone and call me,then you may do that too.
Don't let Goddess Anna down. The holidays are coming. How are you going to show your appreciation for being allowed to Worship your Goddess? NAUGHTY WISHLIST or SPOIL ME or ENTERTAIN .
Goddess Anna

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Feet Walking In Pantyhose

New Requested vid clip at


Watch my big feet from the floor waking bath and forth. Fast and stomping and slow and teasing. Naked under my pantyhose, you can hear the swishing of my thick thighs rubbing together and the floor creaking beneath my weight! Watching all that sexy fat jiggle in my pantyhose I jump and stomp and even walk slow and teasing, pushing my toes into your face, and demand you worship them!


Keep those video clip requests coming & look for me on webcam next week in the evenings at:


This week I will be popping in at night! :) And next week I will be on either in the morning or at night, not sure yet. I will keep everyone posted via TWITTER TUMBLR my YAHOO GROUP & Here of course!!

Goddess Anna

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Giantess Bare Foot Crushes Tiny Men

Love my feet? Desire to be trampled or crushed beneath my feet & massive weight?


Giantess Anna finds these pathetic little army men on her porch trying to fight back! HA! Those little pathetic Tiny Men think they can fight me? I show them just how powerful and strong my Giantess bare feet are and completely destroy their little Tiny Man Army! email me if you want the broken pieces left over from being CRUSHED under my massive Bare Feet!

Have an amazing weekend!

Goddess Anna

Thursday, November 10, 2011

French Fry Crush

This requested clip was awesome! I accidentally step on several french fries left on the kitchen floor while I cook breakfast. From your view on the floor, I look like such a Giantess squishing the fries into a mashed potato mess on the floor.

Wouldn't you love to be one of those French Fries?

Preview Clip:

BBW ssBBW French Fry Crush Preview by BBWGoddessAnna

Got any requests? If you want a special outfit or clothing or shoes for me to wear, you can get a FREE video or photo set (your choice) of me wearing or modeling in it! I have a WISHLIST too. Keep your requests coming, as it looks like I will be doing more this month too!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

October Video Blog

I had made this towards the beginning of October and thought I had lost it. Well, Good news is I didn't! I had just made a requested clips4sale video & thought why not post a Vlog with my feet & toes showing too! I have had ALL of my bare feet & food crushing videos deleted from YouTube, so I wonder what fault they will see in this one? I speak very casually about what is going on while wiggling my toes about, and not even thinking about them! I have had an enormous amount of positive feedback from the Vlog so I do think I will be doing more in the future!

BBW Goddess Anna October Vlog by BBWGoddessAnna

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Squirting Goddess

New Video Clip at:


I was playing around with my camera & watching myself masturbate on the big screen TV. Oh yes, it turns me on to watch myself. I ended up getting SO turned on, however, that I unexpectedly gushed and squirted when I came. Ohhh, it felt so good I thought best to share it!! Oh I love my little G-spot vibrator!


I will be shooting a few requests tomorrow and Tuesday when I am not on Webcam, so email me with your requests!

BBW Goddess Anna

Friday, October 28, 2011

My Big Ass In Tight Jeans

Another Requested clip! I told ya'll I'd be getting them done. This one was fun to do and you all know how much I LOVE to shake my big booty. My ass looks so good squished inside my tight jeans & showing off my big shelf.



BBW Big Ass in Tight Jeans Preview by BBWGoddessAnna

Email me your requests, follow me on twitter, join me in City of Hereos (oh yeah, I'm an addict), Watch me on Webcam, join My Members Site , Call Me on Niteflirt, Join My Yahoo Group, Comment on my photos, Admire my Ass, send me GIFTS but most importantly Worship the Goddess!

Goddess Anna

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Call Me NOW!

I will be on Niteflirt for the next couple of hours!

Something you have been dying to say to Me on the phone? Any secrets? Feeling the need for Goddess to Dominate you? Just want to get hot & dirty & get off? Don't be shy, I am right here!

Call Button

1-800-863-5478 ext 02-54-340-5

Don't fret if you missed Me! I will log back in very soon. Follow me on Twitter to know when & where I am. Keep the vid clip requests coming and I will get them all up next week!!

*shaking my big ass*

Goddess Anna

Friday, October 21, 2011

Worship Bare Soles of Feet

Announcing Another awesome Foot Fetish request clips4sale clip!!

Staring at the soles of my sexy feet, I explain just what I want from my new want to be foot slave. Worship my feet right little foot bitch or I may trample you with these sexy feet!! I will explain everything to make my foot slave understand that I am a Goddess that expects you to obey!


Clips can be bought here:

OR join for a monthly fee to see ALL my Clips & pics:

And as always, I love you all so feel free to continue to comment, compliment, worship, beg, and gift to your deserving Goddess! How many of you will deserve my attention online? Hmm?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Two new Foot Fetish vids!

Both of these were requests and SO much fun to make! I know you will love them as much as I did making them!

Giantess Barefoot Walk & Sole Tease
You're on the floor watching my big feet while I walk slowly back and forth. Giving you a good view of my naked soles. Walking and then teasing with my toes and soles, you are a helpless small man to my Giantess feet! 9 minute clip!!!

BBW Feet Crush Peanuts
Look at this pathetic tiny town!! I so enjoy stomping in and turning all these buildings and tiny people into broken bits! Just imagining the pile of peanuts as a helpless tiny city that scorned and ridiculed ME of all people for my size! Bye bye little city! I crush you all with my bare feet and even show off some sticking to my soles. Oh how I love to hear them crunch!!

All of my videos are available at for one monthly fee if you can't decide! Cum see me and other sexy BBW & SSBBW at JUSTBBWCAMS. Join My Yahoo Group. Follow me on Twitter. And Do email me if you have a fetish clip request!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Giantess Goddess Eats Tiny Men

Goddess Snacks on Tiny Men

Another awesome requested clip!! As a Giantess, I find these Tiny Men hanging around in my house, so I decided to invite them to join me in a snack! Toast drizzled with Honey was PERFECT to drop them onto and keep them still! They get stuck in the honey and are HELPLESS as I devour them ONE BY ONE! Wouldn't you love to be eaten by a Goddess?


Goddess Eats Tiny Men Preview by BBWGoddessAnna

Please email me your Clips4Sale requests!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Ass In Air

I just added a new *requested* clip to my CLIP4SALE store # 30101!


Fat BBW ssBBW Ass In Air

**REQUESTED CLIP** This one was asked for special for my Members! Face Down, ass up, 10 minutes of shaking and clapping and rocking back and forth as if you were kneeling right behind Me! Spanking my butt so you can watch all 61" of it jiggle and shake. Spread open so wide you can see my puckered asshole and even my fat pussy! Worship my big ass for all 10 minutes and you'll bust that nut good!


This is the month of requests! Almost all the vids I put up will be requests & I am shooting all week & next of all the requests I have been unable to do yet. Get your Request in if you haven't already! Look for me on WEBCAM &

BBW Goddess Anna

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Is it Fall Yet

I have been wanting to do a weekly blog post, just to let everyone know what has been going on with me in my life and why I never seen to be able to get on webcam lately no matter how much I want to! I have had very little "spare" time what ill my full time job, family, friends, so many activities going on, always something to do on my day off, trying to buy a house, having a birthday last month, dealing with SO much!! So the summer was VERY hectic and even though I was able to update my clips4sale & Members site twice a week, I haven't made any new clips in a few months. I made a whole bunch at once since I knew I wasn't going to have any opportunities to be able to make new, so I was smart in thinking ahead! My only problem was, I never took into consideration the many requests I would have! I have been saying for the past month that I will start getting those requests out, but have not yet been able to do so. Even this week that was the plan, but one thing or another has happened, and denied me of my precious sleep so I have to use the small "spare" time I had to nap before work. I work 6 days a week from 11am est - 6pm est and then immediately getting dinner ready and so forth. I know I don't talk much about my personal life, but no, I am not alone in my house, so let us just leave it at that. So my only chance of getting on webcam or making any new clips is from about 8am til work time. Such a small window I know! I have been thinking of giving up some of my "ME" time to log in to Niteflirt at night, but we will see how that goes. With the new FALL TV lineup, it looks pretty likely that there will not be a damn thing on TV worth watching.
SO In a nuteshell, I will be up early tomorrow morning and getting a few vid clip requests done! I have had SO many requests, I will do everything I can to get them ALL done before the end of the month! Hang in there with me, but don't' be shy! Please send more requests and let me know if you'd like to schedule a time to see me on webcam on JUSTBBWCAMS, or STREAMATE, or call me through NITEFLIRT or get at me through RUDE before I start a permanent schedule to webcam! Keep buying my fetish clips at CLIPS4SALE & do join my MEMBERSHIP site for all access!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Flip Flop Egg Shell CRUSH

I show NO mercy to these egg shells! Stomping and destroying under my massive feet, I love taunting the egg shells with my flip flops. Beneath my GIANTESS feet, I will crush this tiny city of shells into dust leaving nothing but a stain on my slip flops!






Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Admire My Long beautiful Hair

Just for those who have a long hair fetish! I Love playing with my waist long hair. Two-tones Dark Brown and blonde wavy hair. I brush my fingers through it, toss it around on my bare back and tease you with it while I brush my sexy tresses. Irresistible Goddess hair, you want to touch and feel how silky smooth it is, you want to have the privilege of being able to brush it. I even remove my bra and show you how my long hair covers my naked breasts!


If you want more than just one clip, you can have access to ALL my vids & pics for $12.95 a month!
Email me for all your fetish requests!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

BBW Food Crush

Just added another CRUSH video clip by request! This time its Vanilla Wafer cookies that crumble so easier under my bare soles.

Preview Clip:

I will be getting on webcam next week at both JUSTBBWCAMS & STREAMATE in the morning hours around 8am EST so stop by and say HI! Do feel free to check out my PIX 4 SALE as I will be updating there soon. Now that I have 45 clips available, remember, you can access ALL of them at for $12.95/month.

Send me an email with your requests, comment, and questions! I am a tiny bit behind on requests but will get to ALL this month. I have plans for an outdoor shoot in the next couple of weeks, so do make your request now if you'd like your clip done outside. Be Well!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I guess I have to walk on egg shells

I’ve said it before, and now I am not even mad any more. YouTube deleted my Egg Shell Crush video this week, citing “Rejected: Content Inappropriate” Again. This time I am less mad, and more confused. The last time I checked, Stepping on Egg Shells was not inappropriate. Just because someone finds something non-sexual sexual, it does not mean it should be labeled as such. I supposed I should feel flattered that YouTube thinks my feet are so sexy, they just can’t have them on their site! I wondered if maybe it is because I am promoting a site that is adult, but that can’t be it since there are SEVERAL porn movie previews uploaded (the clean scenes) and never taken down that link to adult themed sites. So I am left with wondering if I can even upload any videos at all. I had plans to start doing Video blogs and I had promised my Yahoo Group a video of my flip flops all torn up, but now I am not sure if it’s a good idea. If the videos that were taken down were even slightly provocative, I would still be mad, but it would make more sense.

I am at a loss for words. I may do a few Video Blogs on YouTube, but for now, I want you all to know that my MAIN video-networking site will be DAILYMOTION. I hope you all understand and add me there.

BBW SSBBW Egg Shell rush Preview by BBWGoddessAnna

Shaking my head in disbelief,

Goddess Anna

Friday, August 26, 2011

Huge BBW SSBBW Ass In Thongs

BBW Goddess Anna Fetish Clips4Sale Store!

BBW Huge Ass Play
I snuck into the bathroom to give you another ass tease! Rubbing and jiggling and teasing with my ass while I massage baby oil into my fat 60 inches. Half way through I get so turned on I pull downmy thongs and start fingering my ass. Shame I didn't have you join me, but you can peek in and watch!

Preview Clip:

DailyMotion Vid:

BBW Strawberry Bare Foot Crush
I loved crushing these strawberries so much I had to take off my high heels and get REAL messy! I get to wiggle my long fat toes into the red messy goo and stomp on a few berries! Watch the helplessberries BLEED again my naked heels, staining my soles. It gets REAL slippery, but I managed to keep my balance while turning the fruit into a squished MESS on the floor! Now all I need is a slave tolick it clean! Part 2 of 2

Preview Clip:
Love you guys!!

BBW Goddess Anna

Friday, August 12, 2011

Giantess Pantyhose Vid Clips

I love to be the Giantess Goddess!! Stomping and squishing tiny little men POV style. I get a little crazy with this one, but don't worry, I didn't injure my camera!
You are such a Lucky little slave! I was walking around and look down and THERE you are again! Didn’t I crush you already? No matter, I still tease with the bottom of my shoe right in your tiny little man face and even turn around to threaten to sit on you! Stomping hard I am sure I squish you under my sexy high heel this time!

Coming soon!! I will have all my clips available in MPS/IPOD format in my NEW clips4sale store:
I will be working on only requests next week so email me to have your request uploaded this month! It has been a long summer and I had really no time to get any requested vids done, which did make me kind of sad because I LOVE doing the videos! I have had a few requests for photos and I have some time to drag a friend over to get some pics so make sure you let me know soon. For all my vid clips join for only $12.95/month at
Follow me on TWITTER & join my YAHOO GROUP for updates, webcam - phone schedules, and MORE!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Did you happen to see my very sexy BBW Strawberry High Heel Crush Video Preview on Youtube? Oh wait, you didn’t? That’s because the You-Tube Nazis deleted it claiming “Rejected (content inappropriate)”. SO I uploaded the video to So Maybe Squishing fruit into a pulp is inappropriate? I’m really not sure HOW. I’ve seen many crushing vids on YouTube. Maybe they didn’t review it at ALL for content, but deleted it because of many flags from BBW haters? I didn’t think YouTube worked that way. Maybe other BBW flagged my vid because I am competition (a friend of mine suggested that)? I highly doubt it since I think most of the other BBW & ssBBW web models hustle WAY too much to be bothered with that kind of silliness. Maybe my feet in those high heels was JUST TOO DARN SEXY for YouTube? Watch the video and let me know. Yes, its a preview for my clips4sale store, but I have others uploaded that never got deleted. Many others who are adult and non-adult have links to other sites on their videos as well, so that can’t be it either. I am half venting, and half CONFUSED as to WTF is wrong with my vid clip?! I’m not speaking out to get attention per say, but more to ask others what they think.

BBW Strawberry High Heel CRUSH Preview by BBWGoddessAnna

Armpit Fetish and IGNORE video clips

YES! I take special fetish requests! I will not charge extra for specialty fetishes if I know the clip will appeal to others. If you want something more...personal, just ask!! I will be putting out more fetish clips this month as well as being available on webacm almost every day.

Yes, that's right, ARMPIT FETISH! This was a request that I am sure many others will enjoy! I have such sexy BIG fluffy arms & smooth armpits!! I talk about my armpits & rub baby oil all into my smooth sexy skin.


Goddess Ignores you while she EATS!

From the POV of my slave. From the floor you admire your Goddess, wanting SO desperately to get My attention! After you have brought My breakfast and coffee you take your natural place at My feet. I don't even notice you are there. You get NOTHING from Me. Ignoring you I eat my Eggs & toast for breakfast while watching TV and you pay for the privilege to be that close to Me!! Quiet slave! Part 1 of 2

Preview Clip:

It's been a rough summer not getting on CAM or NITEFLIRT so I do expect to hear from you how much you missed ME! If you already have a membership to let me know when you make video clip or webcam requests!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Flogging BIG BUTT

New Video Uploaded to my Clips4Sale store # 30101


It is SO hard to find a real man to get this Goddess to bend over and take a good spanking! Sometimes I just NEED to feel that flogger on my ass. But as they if you want something done, do it yourself! So I had to find a way to flog my own ass and thought it would be amazing to share it with everyone too!!

Preview Video:
Join to get unlimited access to all my VIDEOS & PHOTOS for $12.95 only at Follow Me on TWITTER for the latest!!

BBW Goddess Anna

Monday, July 18, 2011

Too Tight Black Panty Hose

What do you mean these panty hose don't fit? Seriously, I have to wrestle & wriggle & fight to fit into these black pantyhose. My massive ass splits them from just putting them on! There is no way these will last, so you get to watch while I put them on completely naked, then pull them off again. Funny taking them off was MUCH easier!!

BBW Goddess Anna Fetish Clips

These black panty hose didn't stand a chance. Even though they are size 4x, my fat ass wins the battle over the black panty hose! I wiggle & jiggle & wrestle into them. I love how sexy they feel, but WOW how the panty hose strain at my size!

Preview Clip:

If you want more than just on clip, you can join for only $12.95 a month! Access 24/7 to all of my videos (38 clips & more every week!) and Photos! I am accepting requests, WEBCAM show requests, comments, and compliments at Follow me on Twitter or you will be missing out!

BBW Goddess Anna

BBW Strawberry High Heel Crush fetish

New High heel food crush fetish video clip at my CLIPS4SALE store #30101


This was SO MUCH FUN to make! I put on my 61/2" Platform Heels and make these luscious ripe red strawberries my victims! Slowly stepping on innocent strawberries until they are pulverized into a big red mush on the floor. Look at the strawberries all over the floor!! Giantess Goddess completely CRUSHES them!! Part 1 of 2 (the second part I play in the strawberries with my BARE FEET!!)

Preview Clip:

If you want more than just on clip, you can join for only $12.95 a month! Access 24/7 to all of my videos (38 clips & more every week!) and Photos! I am accepting requests, comments and compliments at . There has been a very small delay on my recent requests as I can't seem to get any alone time at home, but I am worth the wait! Follow me on Twitter to know what's going on in my world on a daily basis!

BBW Goddess Anna

BBW Big Belly Rub & Sexy Toenail Polish

New clips updated at my Clips4Sale Store #30101!

BBW Goddess Anna Fetish Clips

Belly Rub with Oil

I love playing with my big tummy; it's so soft &squishy!! I get to massage & work some baby oil into my soft skin & allover my big belly! Working my fingers into that fat, kneading it like dough. I even get a little belly button play in!! Get a close up look at that big soft belly apron. You wish you were the one massaging my tummy and making it all slippery.

Preview Clip:

Sexy BBW Feet Painting Toenails Black

Pretty Black nail polish on my naked toenails! Fresh out of the Foot Bath, I pamper myself with some black paint on my pretty toes! Love tow atch these toes wiggle & tease! Don't you wish you were my polish slave at my feet?

Preview Clip:

If you just can't get enough from one clip, you may join for access to all my videos & photos for a mere$12.95 a month!! Please feel free to make your video requests now! Email me If you are looking for something custom, I'm sure we can work something out! Follow me on Twitter !

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy 4th of July & Update

(This was originally meant to be posted the weekend of July 2)

Happy 4th of July!!! I hope everyone had a safe holiday weekend & for those who aren't in the states, I wish you well too! I had 2 video updates I wanted to let ya'll know about. Want more than just one video clip?? You can get unlimited access to all my VIDEOS & PHOTOS for $12.95 a month only at !! Right now I have 34 videos and growing weekly & 12 photo galleries (which will grow soon!)!! And if you're just looking for that one clip, I have them all here:

New Update!!

Giantess POV Thigh High Black Boots

Another amazing POV Giantess video for you tiny men! Look up from the floor at your Sexy Giantess Goddess! I look for good in my red nightie and thigh high black high heeled boots, even a tiny man on the floor cannot resist worshiping me! Making you clean my sexy boots with your tongue and always threatening to stomp you! This Giantess demands you do what I say or ELSE!


The next videos on the horizon are a VERY sexy Strawberry foot CRUSH in high heels & barefoot, Little dick tease, & a few special requests. July is going to be a VERY naughty month so follow me on Twitter for an up to the minute look into my world. I will be available during the day for WEBCAM shows, so email me to request a time. I will be available from about 12noon EST to about 5 or 6pm on both NITEFLIRT & JUSTBBWCAMS so let me know!!

BBW Goddess Anna

Barefoot Egg Shell Crush video

A Requested clip after seeing my egg shell crush with my platform sandals. A fan just HAD to see my sexy feet & toes all naked with my pretty blue & sparkly toe nail polish completely CRUSH those poor egg shells! They are all lined up like a tiny city until my big Giantess feet come along, crushing them one by one into dust. Pesky little bastards even get stuck to the bottoms of my lovely feet, but I make sure they regret it! 6 minute clip at:

BBW Goddess Anna Fetish Clips


As always, more video clips coming this weekend & a few special requests as well! For access to all of my videos, you can join for $12.95 per month you get to see all my VIDEOS & PHOTOS in one place!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Big Booty Measure And Tease

Booty Measure & Tease
This is a short but very sexy video clip of me with my tape measure again just focusing on my big sexy booty! How many inches is it?? I can’t believe it! Did MY ass got BIGGER? Have a look to see the proof!I knew my clothes had been feeling a little tighter! I had to wrap a tape measure around my big booty & try to find out how many inches it is. I throw a little ass tease in as well, because you know I can’t help but mesmerize you with my Butt!! I love shaking my ass!

I still have requested clips I will be uploading this week! I will be making more POV Giantess Crush, Making fun of little dicks, & more ass teasing in JEANS! I will post, blog , and tweet as son as they are up!
As always, email me for any video clip requests you may have at Unlimited access to all of my Videos &Pictures only at for only $12.95 a month! With me adding more & more clips every week, there will always be something new, and always a wide range of FETISH, BBW and GODDESS clips!


BBW Goddess Anna

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

POV Facesitting & Tight Girdle Clips

I am pleased to announce two new video clip updates!!

Stuffing Big Ass into Tight Girdle

Will this fit? Look at me try to wiggle my big size 30/32 butt in a little Extra-Large size girdle. I found this in my dresser from when I was much smaller, and didn’t even wear it then! Will this big fat booty squeeze into that tiny girdle?


POV Ass Worship in Panty Hose

Look up at my massive ass straining in my panty hose while I sit right on your face! Crushing your face under my cheeks, bouncing down hard on you! I love making you my ass slave. Wait til I tug these panty hose down & spread my cheeks open so you can nestle your nose right up against my asshole in and smell! Lick my ass slave and I might let you get up!


More video updates coming this weekend! For up to the minute updates, or just randomness with some chat, follow me on TWITTER ! Please email me your video requests!
Also unlimited access to all my photos & video clips for $12.95/month at

BBW Goddess Anna

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Panty Hose & Nude Foot Tease

Two new video updates for the weekend!

Big 61" Ass In Panty Hose

This is a Fan requested a video of me wearing my sexy tight panty hose with high heels! I loved this feeling so sexy and shaking my booty that kept wanting to pop out of the panty hose. Walking around you can hear my thighs rubbing together with a swish-swish . I even straddle a chair and am surprised the panty hose didn’t rip while I bounced my butt on it! See for yourself


BBW Nude Foot Tease

Another request to see more of my bare soles teasing so I lie on my tummy on my water bed & point & flex my toes at the camera in this very erotic Foot Fetish clip. Completely naked with my sexy butt in view, you are allowed to worship my feet, while I barely speak to my foot slave. You are allowed to worship and admire my big size 11 feet but only as long as it pleases me!


As always, email me for any video clip requests you may have at Unlimited access to all of my Videos & Pictures only at for only $12.95 a month! I have 30 video clips and will be updating 2- 3 times a week so there will always be something new, and always a wide range of FETISH!
BBW Goddess Anna

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Goddess Eating Cinnamon Rolls

This is My first eating vid! I start off with a plate of cinnamon rolls with sugary sweet icing and eat until I start playing with the icing! I had so much fun & expose & rub my big belly. I think after I was done I was sinking even more into the waterbed!

I loved licking the icing from my belly!! It was soo yummy the only thing that would have made it better would be a slave to rub my tummy for me!

I know you will enjoy the preview clip & the full 6 minute clip even more!

Eating Cinnamon Rolls Preveiw by BBWGoddessAnna

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Preview Video for May Weigh in

Just uploaded a Preveiw Video for my Weigh In & Body Measure Video so I thought I'd share!!

BBW Goddess Anna May Measurement & Weigh In... by BBWGoddessAnna

Sunday, June 5, 2011

May Weigh In & Body Measure

My first weigh in Video clip! I use my little tape measure and wrap it around all the important bits so you know exactly what my measurements are before I do a weigh in at the end! I am not gonna give you any of the details because that would spoil the surprise, but you will watching me find out just how many inches around my calf, my thigh, my fluffy arms, my big butt & more! Such a big sexy body with my tummy starting to expand too it seems!

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Holiday Weekend

Cook out tomorrow! I've had a busy week of running around and swimming, running errands, doing favors for friends. ON top of all that having a few house guests and unfortunately neglecting my CLIPS4SALE video requests! So I am going to ENJOY myself tomorrow, even though I still have top work. Not to worry, thouh. I am getting the following requests DONE:

Panty Hose: Just a vid of me naked in Panty Hose & squatting & sittingwith sexy high heels on.
Eating Tiny Men (Vore): Using Gummy Bears as Tiny Men stuck in between toast with Honey all over it and eating the helpless Tiny Men all up!
Soles of Feet: Naked & Teasing with the soles of my feet.
Giantess Crush: Crushing Army Men, Fake bugs, Toy Cars and MORE!
Giantess: More sexy High Heel Shoes to crush & Dominate you POV style!
Barefoot Walking: Gonna get some floor shots of me walking around in clean bare feet so you can watch them get dirty!
Foot Tickling: This request is taking longer as I have to drag a friend into it!

And those are JUST the requests!! I have been working on other videos as well & will post here when I can. So please don't fret! The requests will take priority and I will have as MANY as I can finished when I kick everyone out of my house. LOL.
My full time job has been up & down lately and I will be jumping on cam when the time is available, although that has not happened in such a long time. I miss camming! I do very much appreciate you fans & admirers and sub boys who get your little dicks so hard when you see me! MY Yahoo Group has almost reached 1,100 members so I need to do something very special for them. Any ideas?
I also have plans to start doing a weekly or bi-weekly video blog on YOUTUBE, since I feel that sometimes reading my blog might take too much time away from staring at me sexy body & pretty face. ;) Now it's time to rush off to take a shower & get some cleaning done before we cook out tomorrow. I'm going to have potato salad, Brunswick stew, BBQ ribs, hot dogs & hamburgers..and that's just for me!!! LOL Yes, I'm only kidding, I do know how to share even when its amazingly delicious food! Enjoy your Memorial Day, & don't forget the reason you get a day off on Monday.

POV High Heel Foot Worship Clip

More Sexy High Heel Foot Fetish!! Another one requested, I force my foot slave to clean the bottoms of my diryt high heel shoes! These shoes are one of my favorites too as the lace up around by thick calf. Looking so sexy and much like a Giantess, I expect my foot slave to do a damn good job!

It makes you want to stick your tongue out and lick the heel! I love making my POV videos just as much as you LOVE to watch them. I have so much fun pretending the camera is some patheic groveling foot bitch that sometimes even I get so lost in the fantasy I hope I don't try to break my camera!

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Giantess Barefoot Goddess

New GIANTESS video Clip only on Clips4Sale Store # 30101! POV looking up at the Giantess Goddess, I even pick you up & taunt you for being so small!! Forcing you to worship my bare feet, you are helpless as a little tiny man on my floor!!

POV Giantess Barefoot Goddess Teaser by BBWGoddessAnna

Afraid of being squished in between my toes?

Cower before your Giantess Goddess! You know how powerful I am and you cannot resist! 5 Minutes POV Giantess Barefoot Goddess video clip only at

Look for a Panty Hose video clip to be uploaded this week &
more as requests keep coming in!! Don't be shy, you know there is something you want to ask, go ahead, let Goddess Anna know.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

POV GIantess in Sexy White High Heeled Boots

I LOVE doing POV clips! Just uploaded a new GIANTESS video clip!

This one was requested, but I loved it so much, I am definitely going to make more! I loved looking down at the little man and threaten with my Giantess boots to crush and smash into the ground! I look 100 feet tall and massive! From your point of view, you get to see my big thick, creamy things and jiggly belly looking so BIG, while you feel so small!

Haha, I get to look down & laugh at you, so small compared to my big Giantess body! Don't be scared! I promise I won't stomp on you...maybe. But then again, I may just stumble and my big Giantess body will fall on you and make you nothing more than a stain! Worship your Goddess from under my feet!


I love doing FETISH clips, so send me your request! The Goddess loves to dominate, so don't be afraid!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Rubbing Baby Oil On My Ass

Hi All!

I just showered & put my hair in braids, put on a sexy thong &
bras & has the camera rolling! I was just jiggling & shaking
that big sexy butt all over. Got my bottle of baby oil out & drip
it on my big sexy fleshy ass. It gets all shiny and slippery and it
takes a LOT of oil just to cover ONE cheek! Have a look:


Total 3 minute clip of my teasing and close up of my massive ass in all its
wet & shiny glory. Yea, that ass dominates you, and you fucking
love it.

Big Booty Shaking, Rubbing, smacking, spreading and Dominating you with all 61 inches!

Just cum to my Clips4Sale store # 30101

BBW Goddess Anna Fetish Clips

This weekend, I will upload a Giantess Fetish Clip & even more next
week! Put your requests in now so I can get them done quickly!

Goddess Anna