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Friday, October 22, 2010

Member Site Photos

I just uploaded some new pics on my BBW Goddess Anna Sexy Pear Membership site! For $12.95 a month you get unlimited access to all my uncesored videos and pictures! This rates will go up soon, so join now for an exclusive peek at my sexy fat BBW body teasing, rubbing and showing it all.

I wanted to go outside and feel the sun on my naked creamy white skin. I put on my super short plaid mini dress that doesn't even cover my ass and by black thongs panties. I have neighbors, so I found a spot in the yard where they could only see if they were trying to. I got so turned on posing for the camera, showing off my ass and thick thighs while wearing my sexy 6 1/2" platform heels. Stripping down completely naked, my nipples hard, my pussy wet. I spread open my ass and my pussy wearing only those heels, my cameraman got so turned on even he had to play a little in between pictures. I wanted to bring out my big dildo and fuck myself, but we ran out of time so I'm going to have to save that for my next photo session. Thinking of taking a video while we take pictures then!! I hope you enjoy seeing me all exposed out in my yard in the bright sunlight. I will be doing more outside shoots and videos, and I am already soaking wet thinking about it!

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

You Want To See Me On Cam

I have tried to get the C4Slive cam to work here on My MEMBERS site but it will not connect. So If you wanted to come see me in a free non-nude chat on cam, I will be at


My rates for private shows range from $2.00-$3.50 depending on the customer and the day. In private, I show my body, jiggle my tummy, show my ass (not spread) and in general just have fun naked for you. I can do inflation, tummy rub, ass rub, and POV facesit.

Don't forget for $1.50 you can be a voyeur and watch me cam for someone else while you are a silent fly on the wall!

My VIP rates are $4.00-$6.00 depending on the request and the day. In VIP I masturbate My pussy, use toys on pussy or ass, and pull out my toybox!! I have a mild flogger, pussy pump, anal beads, 2 vibrating toys, a 6" dildo, a 71/2" fat dildo nipple clamps, leather cuffs, and a few miscellaneous items. I do have a few nighties that I have pictured here and on Flickr and my Yahoo Group, that I can change into as well as 61/2" platform heels, thigh high stockings, panty hose and a few other pairs of sexy shoes. Also, ANY Domination cam session MUST be done in VIP only, and will not be allowed in private unless all you are asking for is a little tease. I do not give permission to cum during a Domination session without an added TIP during a VIP cam show. No exceptions!

If you would like to schedule a time for a Private or VIP cam session, email me at, or send me a Yahoo IM to bbw_goddess_anna if I am online. I love taking requests in cam, so don't be shy & let the Goddess know!

Friday, October 8, 2010

New Photo Sets Uploaded!

Just uploaded new hot pictures to my IMAGES4SALE store!

I had to split the photo shoot into two sets because of the quality of the photos, so I KNOW you will not be disappointed! I show off my flexibility, as well as spread my ass and pussy open for you! I think I came twice during this photo shoot too while I was fucking myself with My big toy. I had a LOT of fun doing these pictures so I hope you get to take a peek and enjoy as well!
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Facebook Nazi Deleted Me under False Pretences

So this is the SECOND TIME I have gotten this as a reason to permanently disable my Anna Pear Facebook account:

"Hi Anna,

Your account was disabled because you violated Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. Prohibited behavior includes, but is not limited to:

• Creating or uploading content that is pornographic, sexually suggestive, or contains nudity
• Harassing other people with sexually explicit language
• Sending unsolicited friend requests or Inbox messages to people you don't know

You will no longer be able to use Facebook. This decision is final and cannot be appealed.

Please note that for technical and security reasons, we will not provide you with any further details about this decision.


User Operations

The first time I wondered if maybe I had sent a mean note to someone being a jerk to me and that might have been why, but this time, I did nothing but accept 60 friend requests in one morning. I do see if I had sent out all of those requests how that would be a violation, but those friend requests were sent TO me, not FROM me. I never uploaded even thong pictures, never posted any porn, and never sent any messages to anyone unless responding to one they had sent me. This is very confusing and the fact that they can do this and make their decision final without giving a person any real facts says a lot to me. I have not decided if I want to make another one, but be more selective of who I accept as a friend. Still that should NOT matter or be against the rules if a persona gets a lot of friend requests, it should not be a violation to accept them! Ridiculous and VERY flawed. Of course with the movie The Social Network out now, I am sure that once I watch it it will point out a lot of those flaws from the very beginning. What's funnier is the owner would have had his account disabled permanently for having too many friends by their rules today. Ironic.
With so much going on, I am sure none of the staff have a chance to personally review every complaint, and this is merely a form letter and they look at all those acceptance of friend requests as spam, I am sure. Without the ability to appeal the erroneous decision, I think I will just stick with Twitter. You have a LOT more freedom, and even MySpace with all its clutter it is not as restrictive or run by as many idiots.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Life Throwing Wrenches at ME

I had decided to do cam shows & Niteflirt every week on Wednesday, which is a GREAT idea and I was so excited about it. I made up a calendar in My Yahoo Group, and have been telling everyone about it, making sure I schedule myself off of work and have time to do the cam chatting and everything. So what happens this morning just as I am getting up and getting dressed? It's monthly period time. So now after making all these plans and getting VERY excited about it, I am going to have to CANCEL camming. FUCK! My luck you know? I am still going to do cam chat on ALLBBWCAMS, but I am gonna raise the price so it will be just free chat only unless someone asks for just a look at my body, and they understand no masturbation or spread pussy this time. I usually only get asked to see my body anyway.
The blood doesn't bother me in the slightest, but I have read the NITEFLIRT RULES and it is against their policy to show menstrual blood on cam. O_o I know it makes very little sense to me too. I assume ALLBBWCAMS is the same and will just have to wait until next week to show it all on cam again. *sigh* I think I am more disappointed that my admirers will be. At least I can still show my massive ass and tease jerk off boys with it!