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Monday, November 15, 2010

My Free Implants

I absolutely LOVE my body, my thick calves, thighs, huge ass, squishy belly and thick fluffy arms. And even though I bare all in my pics, videos and webcam, I have reached a conclusion that I want to improve one thing about my body. Now, it isn't so much a problem, but more so that I just don't feel proportionate to the rest of my body. I've never been a big fan of plastic surgery because it IS surgery (scary!!) but since last year's tragedy, I've noticed my breasts taking a turn for the worse. I didn't expect them to stay perky, but it seems the affect it had on my body was more severe than I initially thought. So no I am faced with wanting a breast lift. I have thought long & hard about this and am certain about my decision. I'm not sure how it will effect those who are "fans" or admirers of my body since most BBW & ssBBW are loved not only for their size, but for being all natural REAL women. I'm sure there will be some who will not support me in my decision, but in the long run, it is what I want, and that is all that matters.
My initial problem with this is, of course, that breast augmentation is costly. So I had found this site years before & thought it was a hoot, and now I am on it in hopes to help finance my breast lift & increasing my bust size to a DD to better fit with the rest of my body. What's great about this site is the ones who are donating (benefactors) can be anonymous in helping out. What is not great is that, of course, is that most of the women wanting help for their breast augmentation are in their 20's, and hot skinny chicks, essentially. Not that I have anything against them, but I wonder if the majority of the benefactors will turn away because the hot, young, skinny chick is who they want to see & help out. Either way, I'm giving it a shot. It can't hurt! I am going to keep a mini blog there as well about my progress so I do hope to find more BBW friendly folks there!

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Looking for a new site for Webcam

As you know, I am not going to be going back to AllBBWCAMS for now. I'd rather not get into the why, but there is a lot going on behind the scenes that has me wary. SO, as stated before you can see me on cam through Niteflirt & RUDE , and now I will be on IMLIVE . This is a sort of test run to see how I like it there & the format and such, so don't be shy, come visit me and chat with me on cam!
I always TWEET when I am available on the phone or cams, and post in the Yahoo Group calendar for scheduled shows. As you know, if you want to request a time for a cam or phone call, just let me know. I love taking personal requests for MP3s, videos, pics, and Youtube vids, so post your request here in the group or email me personally!

Goddess Anna

Friday, November 12, 2010

Triple Video update

Just letting ya'll know about some new updates. I had SO much fun with the POV "Camsit" videos! I am going to upload more to RUDE & to Clips4Sale to give you a choice on where you wanna get my vids! Here is what I have uploaded so far:

New FREE POV Camsit/Facesit teaser video at:


Also I have a much longer POV "Camsit/Facesit" Video Where I talk down to you, force you to be my seat cushion while humiliating you. You are my chair while I force your face in between my thick, fat, soft asscheeks while wearing a thong pressed against your nose!


I was hungry & wanted a snack while working at my computer, so I decided to turn on my cam while I ate. You get to watch me munch down on some crunchy corn chips and gooey messy melted cheese dip. I talk on about what I'm doing and what's going on with me while I drip cheese and eat it all!

BBW Goddess Anna Sexy Thick Pear

& on My Members Site: BBWGoddessAnna.C4Slive

As always, if oyu have any requests, let me know!! I have a nude POV Camsit vid coming in a few days!