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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I guess I have to walk on egg shells

I’ve said it before, and now I am not even mad any more. YouTube deleted my Egg Shell Crush video this week, citing “Rejected: Content Inappropriate” Again. This time I am less mad, and more confused. The last time I checked, Stepping on Egg Shells was not inappropriate. Just because someone finds something non-sexual sexual, it does not mean it should be labeled as such. I supposed I should feel flattered that YouTube thinks my feet are so sexy, they just can’t have them on their site! I wondered if maybe it is because I am promoting a site that is adult, but that can’t be it since there are SEVERAL porn movie previews uploaded (the clean scenes) and never taken down that link to adult themed sites. So I am left with wondering if I can even upload any videos at all. I had plans to start doing Video blogs and I had promised my Yahoo Group a video of my flip flops all torn up, but now I am not sure if it’s a good idea. If the videos that were taken down were even slightly provocative, I would still be mad, but it would make more sense.

I am at a loss for words. I may do a few Video Blogs on YouTube, but for now, I want you all to know that my MAIN video-networking site will be DAILYMOTION. I hope you all understand and add me there.

BBW SSBBW Egg Shell rush Preview by BBWGoddessAnna

Shaking my head in disbelief,

Goddess Anna

Friday, August 26, 2011

Huge BBW SSBBW Ass In Thongs

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BBW Huge Ass Play
I snuck into the bathroom to give you another ass tease! Rubbing and jiggling and teasing with my ass while I massage baby oil into my fat 60 inches. Half way through I get so turned on I pull downmy thongs and start fingering my ass. Shame I didn't have you join me, but you can peek in and watch!

Preview Clip:

DailyMotion Vid:

BBW Strawberry Bare Foot Crush
I loved crushing these strawberries so much I had to take off my high heels and get REAL messy! I get to wiggle my long fat toes into the red messy goo and stomp on a few berries! Watch the helplessberries BLEED again my naked heels, staining my soles. It gets REAL slippery, but I managed to keep my balance while turning the fruit into a squished MESS on the floor! Now all I need is a slave tolick it clean! Part 2 of 2

Preview Clip:
Love you guys!!

BBW Goddess Anna

Friday, August 12, 2011

Giantess Pantyhose Vid Clips

I love to be the Giantess Goddess!! Stomping and squishing tiny little men POV style. I get a little crazy with this one, but don't worry, I didn't injure my camera!
You are such a Lucky little slave! I was walking around and look down and THERE you are again! Didn’t I crush you already? No matter, I still tease with the bottom of my shoe right in your tiny little man face and even turn around to threaten to sit on you! Stomping hard I am sure I squish you under my sexy high heel this time!

Coming soon!! I will have all my clips available in MPS/IPOD format in my NEW clips4sale store:
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Friday, August 5, 2011

Did you happen to see my very sexy BBW Strawberry High Heel Crush Video Preview on Youtube? Oh wait, you didn’t? That’s because the You-Tube Nazis deleted it claiming “Rejected (content inappropriate)”. SO I uploaded the video to So Maybe Squishing fruit into a pulp is inappropriate? I’m really not sure HOW. I’ve seen many crushing vids on YouTube. Maybe they didn’t review it at ALL for content, but deleted it because of many flags from BBW haters? I didn’t think YouTube worked that way. Maybe other BBW flagged my vid because I am competition (a friend of mine suggested that)? I highly doubt it since I think most of the other BBW & ssBBW web models hustle WAY too much to be bothered with that kind of silliness. Maybe my feet in those high heels was JUST TOO DARN SEXY for YouTube? Watch the video and let me know. Yes, its a preview for my clips4sale store, but I have others uploaded that never got deleted. Many others who are adult and non-adult have links to other sites on their videos as well, so that can’t be it either. I am half venting, and half CONFUSED as to WTF is wrong with my vid clip?! I’m not speaking out to get attention per say, but more to ask others what they think.

BBW Strawberry High Heel CRUSH Preview by BBWGoddessAnna

Armpit Fetish and IGNORE video clips

YES! I take special fetish requests! I will not charge extra for specialty fetishes if I know the clip will appeal to others. If you want something more...personal, just ask!! I will be putting out more fetish clips this month as well as being available on webacm almost every day.

Yes, that's right, ARMPIT FETISH! This was a request that I am sure many others will enjoy! I have such sexy BIG fluffy arms & smooth armpits!! I talk about my armpits & rub baby oil all into my smooth sexy skin.


Goddess Ignores you while she EATS!

From the POV of my slave. From the floor you admire your Goddess, wanting SO desperately to get My attention! After you have brought My breakfast and coffee you take your natural place at My feet. I don't even notice you are there. You get NOTHING from Me. Ignoring you I eat my Eggs & toast for breakfast while watching TV and you pay for the privilege to be that close to Me!! Quiet slave! Part 1 of 2

Preview Clip:

It's been a rough summer not getting on CAM or NITEFLIRT so I do expect to hear from you how much you missed ME! If you already have a membership to let me know when you make video clip or webcam requests!!