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Monday, June 27, 2011

Big Booty Measure And Tease

Booty Measure & Tease
This is a short but very sexy video clip of me with my tape measure again just focusing on my big sexy booty! How many inches is it?? I can’t believe it! Did MY ass got BIGGER? Have a look to see the proof!I knew my clothes had been feeling a little tighter! I had to wrap a tape measure around my big booty & try to find out how many inches it is. I throw a little ass tease in as well, because you know I can’t help but mesmerize you with my Butt!! I love shaking my ass!

I still have requested clips I will be uploading this week! I will be making more POV Giantess Crush, Making fun of little dicks, & more ass teasing in JEANS! I will post, blog , and tweet as son as they are up!
As always, email me for any video clip requests you may have at Unlimited access to all of my Videos &Pictures only at for only $12.95 a month! With me adding more & more clips every week, there will always be something new, and always a wide range of FETISH, BBW and GODDESS clips!


BBW Goddess Anna

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

POV Facesitting & Tight Girdle Clips

I am pleased to announce two new video clip updates!!

Stuffing Big Ass into Tight Girdle

Will this fit? Look at me try to wiggle my big size 30/32 butt in a little Extra-Large size girdle. I found this in my dresser from when I was much smaller, and didn’t even wear it then! Will this big fat booty squeeze into that tiny girdle?


POV Ass Worship in Panty Hose

Look up at my massive ass straining in my panty hose while I sit right on your face! Crushing your face under my cheeks, bouncing down hard on you! I love making you my ass slave. Wait til I tug these panty hose down & spread my cheeks open so you can nestle your nose right up against my asshole in and smell! Lick my ass slave and I might let you get up!


More video updates coming this weekend! For up to the minute updates, or just randomness with some chat, follow me on TWITTER ! Please email me your video requests!
Also unlimited access to all my photos & video clips for $12.95/month at

BBW Goddess Anna

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Panty Hose & Nude Foot Tease

Two new video updates for the weekend!

Big 61" Ass In Panty Hose

This is a Fan requested a video of me wearing my sexy tight panty hose with high heels! I loved this feeling so sexy and shaking my booty that kept wanting to pop out of the panty hose. Walking around you can hear my thighs rubbing together with a swish-swish . I even straddle a chair and am surprised the panty hose didn’t rip while I bounced my butt on it! See for yourself


BBW Nude Foot Tease

Another request to see more of my bare soles teasing so I lie on my tummy on my water bed & point & flex my toes at the camera in this very erotic Foot Fetish clip. Completely naked with my sexy butt in view, you are allowed to worship my feet, while I barely speak to my foot slave. You are allowed to worship and admire my big size 11 feet but only as long as it pleases me!


As always, email me for any video clip requests you may have at Unlimited access to all of my Videos & Pictures only at for only $12.95 a month! I have 30 video clips and will be updating 2- 3 times a week so there will always be something new, and always a wide range of FETISH!
BBW Goddess Anna

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Goddess Eating Cinnamon Rolls

This is My first eating vid! I start off with a plate of cinnamon rolls with sugary sweet icing and eat until I start playing with the icing! I had so much fun & expose & rub my big belly. I think after I was done I was sinking even more into the waterbed!

I loved licking the icing from my belly!! It was soo yummy the only thing that would have made it better would be a slave to rub my tummy for me!

I know you will enjoy the preview clip & the full 6 minute clip even more!

Eating Cinnamon Rolls Preveiw by BBWGoddessAnna

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Preview Video for May Weigh in

Just uploaded a Preveiw Video for my Weigh In & Body Measure Video so I thought I'd share!!

BBW Goddess Anna May Measurement & Weigh In... by BBWGoddessAnna

Sunday, June 5, 2011

May Weigh In & Body Measure

My first weigh in Video clip! I use my little tape measure and wrap it around all the important bits so you know exactly what my measurements are before I do a weigh in at the end! I am not gonna give you any of the details because that would spoil the surprise, but you will watching me find out just how many inches around my calf, my thigh, my fluffy arms, my big butt & more! Such a big sexy body with my tummy starting to expand too it seems!

BBW Goddess Anna Fetish Clips


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