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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New clips from my fetish store!

Have you seen what naughty feitsh clips I have posted in my store yet??  If not, here is a little peek!  There is a fetish here for just about everyone!  Don't see yours and love my sexy voice & body?  Send a request and I would love to post one in my store.

POV Strap On BBW Goddess

You worship this big body, round belly, and HUGE ass, so you will do what Goddess Wants! I caught you staring at my ass & you will accept your punishment! As my slave, I want you down on your knees in front of my flesh colored strap on cock. Urging you to suck it like it was real. You know I'm gonna fuck you with it, so behave yourself & do what Goddess tells you!! 
Smothered Forced Facesitting Beneath My Massive ASS  

 Part 2! You just couldn't stop leering & staring at my ass without permission could you? Well, I get even more revenge! I lock you away in my room, leaving you at my mercy. All you get to consume is the air I allow you to breathe when I lift me ass up off of your face! I get even more aggressive with you and keep you as my prisoner! Using the same prop, I let you get a little bit closer to my ass in thin white leggings. I bet you can smell those silent farts washing over your face just thinking about it!! 
Soaking Wet Shower in Tight Clothes  
Showering in My Clothes!!! No need to say much. You watch me, excited at seeing that big ass in tight white leggings. But I need to wash my clothes at the same time I wash my sexy big body! But as soon as I turn on the water and soak my clothes, you can see right through them! Seeing my clothes clinging to my sexy body and seeing my ass & nipples right through the fabric. I tease & wiggle a little bit, but no need to talk much over the loud shower.
Foot Job Big Black Cock Dildo 

Oh My foot slave how lucky you are! Watching me pleasure this big, fat black cock with my sexy big feet! I love to tease you about his massive size, and how muc I love getting this big dick off with the soles of my feet. Teasing the slippery head with my toes, taunting you about how much I want to make him squirt his big load all over my toes. Don't you wish it was your cock my feet were wrapped around?
Stuffy Nose Blowing 

OMG MY ALLERGIES!! First thing in the morning & I can't even breathe out of my nose!! Yet, you get the pleasure of seeing me blow my nose in my tissue, talking about how stuffy I am. Want to see up my nose? Honking while Blowing my red nose, irritated from having to sneeze & wipe & blow so much!. I even let you see the snot DRIP! Watery Eyes and talking about my allergies. No sneezing in this clip, but I do try!! Blowing my stuffy nose for you...don't you WISH you were my tissue? Filmed with my webcam.
Goddess Anna