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Monday, April 23, 2012

Goddess had been missed!

Oh I know you have all missed me and thought I was leaving or something, but if you've been following me on Twitter , you would know that is not the case.  I am working very hard on my final week of moving and will be posting more updates within a week!  I will no longer have a bedroom office, but my own space.  In the very near future, I will have a scheduled time for Webcam  and Niteflirt  so there is light at the end of the tunnel and right in the middle is ME.   Also, I posted this on my YouTube:

"I see the haters (or those who think I am competition) have flagged my VIDEO BLOG until it was taken down by the almighty idiots in charge of YouTube who do NOT review flags, but remove videos at their whim. A video blog is not inappropriate content. It is freedom of speech. I was doing nothing provocative in my Video Blog, only talking with my feet propped up. Hell, I wasn't even wearing anything naughty!!  No matter, you all know what this means. Thank you to all my awesome subscribers, but you will have to look for my videos on DailyMotion from now on. I am so sorry to leave it like this, but I don't have time for the pettiness here. I wish you all well. The Goddess will always be available at my Yahoo Group & Twitter. At least I know I won't be subjecting to discrimination & double standards there."

So Just a heads up.  If you're looking for my vids, you have to sign up to DailyMotion  to see them with the Family Filter "off".  Any questions you have for me you may ask here,  through email, or TUMBLR.  If you are willing to wait a little over a week, you may go ahead and request for Clips4Sale  or any photo sets for Images4sale .  Goddess would LOVE some housewarming presents for my new place. Imagine me thinking about YOU every time I use....? $poil Me  Wishlist & of course I have my Naughty Wishlist !!
I think I covered everything.  I look forward to enticing you more and hypnotizing you with my ass, having you worship at my feet, and realizing your place is to spoil me as a Goddess.

Goddess Anna

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Inflation Fantasy - How big will I get?

Brand new!!
***Special Requested Clip***
Thank you SO much for sending me all those snack cakes! Did you really think I wouldn't try to eat them all? But it seems there is something special about those snacks! As I devour them all,something strange starts happening, and I keep expanding!! What's going to happen? How big will I get?
Am I going to pop?

Watch my tummy get bigger & bigger until.....?


More fetish clips coming! Food & Object Crush, Giantess, Ass Worship, etc!!
So glad my fans are so true to me! Glad you all are patient while I continue to pack and move & attempt to get settled. It won't be much longer before I have many more outdoor clips in my new place! Follow me on Twitter to keep updated!!!

Goddess Anna

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Giantess Barefoot Trample French Bread

New CRUSH clip!!


I love how I always turn it around and WALK all over you!! Back and forth, Trampling you into submission until you are crumbled and flat beneath my feet. You LOVE feeling my mighty weight pressing down on you! Oh if only it was your and not just a proxy loaf of french bread!


I'm always taking requests for clips so email me! Remember I take requests for any foot fetish, ass fetish, giantess, crush fetish, eating, and everything in between as long as it doesn't require another person (that would take longer, if I can do it at all). Follow me on Twitter to stay up to date on what's going with me!