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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hot Summer Hello from Goddess!

It’s already getting HOT down here in Georgia!  I have not been updating and it has been driving me CRAZY!  It turns me on so much to tease, taunt and be worshiped.  Goddess asks that if you have sent previous webcam or video clip requests, that you email them to me privately.  I have had a lot of spam emails and may have unknowingly gotten them lost in the mix, so do resend your request and I will respond and let you know!
Tuesday Night I will be making a webcam appearance onJUSTBBWCAMS   so stop by and say hello!  I have been adding to my shoe collection so I will update with new pics and put some more teaser clips on my DailyMotion  (YouTube can kiss my big fat sexy ass).  There will be more to come!  Or CUM, depending on how you look at it. ;)  I have missed my fans, followers, admirers and ass worshipers so let’s continue with showing off this big, f at, sexy body!
Check my links for more places you can find me, and always send requests to my email:
Fan mail is best sent to my Yahoo Group, but if you prefer to send it privately, I allow that as well.
I currently do NOT have a P.O.Box for gifts to be sent to, but will update as soon as I have one.
Do let me know when you see me on webcam how you found me!