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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Siff My Dirty Socks!

Dirty little foot slave!

BBW Goddess Anna Fetish Clips 30101

I love looking down at my foot slave and taunting you with the smelling socks! I allow you an extreme close up of my stinky, dirty, socks, and those deep wrinkled soles.

Come a little closer, I bet you can smell just how sweaty and stinky my Goddess feet are!!!


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Monday, February 20, 2012

Dildo Fuck In Pantyhose

I got so turned on I had to tear through my Pantyhose to get this big fat cock in my pussy!


The suction cup of my new toy wasn't holding good, so I ended up laying on my robe right on the bathroom floor to fuck myself to 3 HUGE screaming orgasms. The best part about it is this was a gift from my WISHLIST so the one who gifted it to me gets this clip for FREE! Don't you wish it was you!!

I love how you can hear how wet and slippery my pussy is! My squirting, gushing orgasms felt SO good, I am going to LOVE playing with my new toy a LOT!!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

BBW Ass Cake Crush

Happy Valentines Day!!! From BBW Goddess Anna at


Have I got a special surprise for you! A new amazing clip available at my store AND my members site!

I baked this cake special for you for Valentine's Day so you better eat it!! Only one thing to do with a cake this pretty and an ass this big!!

Hope you enjoyed eating cake off my ass as much as I enjoyed feeling the cake flatten under my massive ass!!


Goddess Anna

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Goddess IPOD MP4 Clips4Sale

Hey!! Did you know I also have a IPOD MP4 only store! I will be adding more clips and eventually have every clip available in MP4. If you have a special request that you want as an MP4, do let me know so I can put it high on the priority list!

So far, I have 18 of the 72 clips added, and will get them all!

May 2011 Measure & Weigh In
Ass Shakn' Ass Clappin' Ass Jigglin' Goddess
Big 61 Inch Ass In Panty Hose
BBW Barefoot Egg Shell Crush
POV Giantess Barefoot Goddess
POV Domination Forced Foot Worship
POV Foot Worship as Goddess Eats
BBW Strawberry High Heel Crush
BBW Ass Shake & Tease
BBW Nude Foot Tease
Big Booty Baby Oil Rub
Naked POV Facesit Domination
POV Ass Worship in Panty Hose
POV Facesitting under Huge BBW Ass
BBW Strawberry Bare Foot Crush - Ipod
POV Giantess In White Boots -MP4
Slow Motion Bare Foot Walk
BBW Giantess Loud Foot Steps
Big Ass In Tight Jeans

Let me know what you think!!! Soon to come Giantess only Clips4sale store!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Giantess Crunches tiny Cranberry People

Listen to them crunch beneath my feet!!!


Once Upon a time there was a little village that was thought to be a happy place. Everyone there claimed to be accepting, kind, and giving. Until one day, they felt the ground shake and tremble beneath their feet. The sky darkened with a massive shadow. Looking up, they realized with horror that they were in the shade of a Great and mighty Giantess who came to them seeking this rumored acceptance. What the Giantess received from the "kind" tiny people was yelling, insults, and curses. They came at the mighty Giantess with Rocks and Fire and Hate. They demanded she leave them at once and never dare to return to darken their sky again. To their surprise, Giantess Anna would not leave them so easily.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Slow Motion BIG Ass Shaking

Hypnotic Ass Tease!

I shake my hips and jiggle my ass and slowed down the clip to 1/4 speed! Enjoy the hypnotic, trance inducing sway of my 62" ass.

Preview Clip:

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