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Monday, December 30, 2013

Decision made

Obviously, I have not been around as much as I once was.  My attempts to post regularly were often interrupted with completely unintentional breaks in between.  Months would pass before I even realized it, and I scrambled to get back into keeping in touch, only to have the cycle repeat itself.  This really started right before I bought my house and has continued way too long.  More things have happened than my just moving, of course, and life got in the way, work got in the way (boy did it!!), and I found myself questioning where I Was going with this.

Should I continue with my website and webcam and Niteflirt phone lines?

I have put a lot into my online "adult" work and it was not a decision I was going to make on a whim.  I have gone back and forth with so many reasons for and against continuing to make fetish solo clips, having phone sex, and getting myself on webcam, just to name a few.  I even went back to remind myself why I started doing it to begin with; because I enjoyed it.  And that was the main factor behind my decision.  For those months that I did not do it, I realized it was because it was less enjoyable and more like work since I was tired from other things, and wanted time to relax.

I love my fans, I love my followers, I love my subs, and I love the friends I have made.  This past month or so I have been popping on more and more to various forums and websites and realized how much I missed it.  Yes, I make money selling clips, getting on webcam, and talking on the phone.  Yes it is like a business, and I do not do it for free, but I really loved doing it.  I was reminded of that today.

So I will be breathing life back into my websites, my blog, my yahoo group, etc.  I will be returning to enjoy myself more because I can.  Life will still be busy.  Oh, and yes there will still be people who will try to put me down because of my body type, because of the adult content, and just because they are jerks, but that was never something that put me off to it.  And Yes, there may be times when I miss an update or two as unexpected setbacks never seem to be slowing down around here, but I will continue to keep you all updated on what is going on with me.

Thanks so much to everyone who has stuck with me through this crazy non-planned and completely accidental hiatus.  I hope you enjoy what is to come!

Much love,

Goddess Anna

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hot Summer Hello from Goddess!

It’s already getting HOT down here in Georgia!  I have not been updating and it has been driving me CRAZY!  It turns me on so much to tease, taunt and be worshiped.  Goddess asks that if you have sent previous webcam or video clip requests, that you email them to me privately.  I have had a lot of spam emails and may have unknowingly gotten them lost in the mix, so do resend your request and I will respond and let you know!
Tuesday Night I will be making a webcam appearance onJUSTBBWCAMS   so stop by and say hello!  I have been adding to my shoe collection so I will update with new pics and put some more teaser clips on my DailyMotion  (YouTube can kiss my big fat sexy ass).  There will be more to come!  Or CUM, depending on how you look at it. ;)  I have missed my fans, followers, admirers and ass worshipers so let’s continue with showing off this big, f at, sexy body!
Check my links for more places you can find me, and always send requests to my email:
Fan mail is best sent to my Yahoo Group, but if you prefer to send it privately, I allow that as well.
I currently do NOT have a P.O.Box for gifts to be sent to, but will update as soon as I have one.
Do let me know when you see me on webcam how you found me!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

BBW Giantess Clips4sale Update

Giantess Crush Plastic Bottles with Bare Feet 

I love how the crackling sound of these plastic bottles under my weight just collapses against my soles!! I walk back and forth over 3 different plastic bottles and make them ALL flat! Can you imagine what I could do to your face? These sexy size 11 bare Goddess feet destroy yet another object left helpless on the floor. Stomping my Giantess feet and making the camera shake, it feels like you are a tiny bystander on the floor watching me walk back and forth and CRUSH!!


 BBW Giantess Crush

Barefoot, this BBW Giantess stomps and destroys this pile of packing peanuts under her mighty weight. Admire those lovely BBW feet from the floor, you can even HEAR the little ones screaming with each twist of that massive foot. No one can resist this power. Not even the little packing peanuts can escape as they are quickly turned into dust.

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