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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Holiday Weekend

Cook out tomorrow! I've had a busy week of running around and swimming, running errands, doing favors for friends. ON top of all that having a few house guests and unfortunately neglecting my CLIPS4SALE video requests! So I am going to ENJOY myself tomorrow, even though I still have top work. Not to worry, thouh. I am getting the following requests DONE:

Panty Hose: Just a vid of me naked in Panty Hose & squatting & sittingwith sexy high heels on.
Eating Tiny Men (Vore): Using Gummy Bears as Tiny Men stuck in between toast with Honey all over it and eating the helpless Tiny Men all up!
Soles of Feet: Naked & Teasing with the soles of my feet.
Giantess Crush: Crushing Army Men, Fake bugs, Toy Cars and MORE!
Giantess: More sexy High Heel Shoes to crush & Dominate you POV style!
Barefoot Walking: Gonna get some floor shots of me walking around in clean bare feet so you can watch them get dirty!
Foot Tickling: This request is taking longer as I have to drag a friend into it!

And those are JUST the requests!! I have been working on other videos as well & will post here when I can. So please don't fret! The requests will take priority and I will have as MANY as I can finished when I kick everyone out of my house. LOL.
My full time job has been up & down lately and I will be jumping on cam when the time is available, although that has not happened in such a long time. I miss camming! I do very much appreciate you fans & admirers and sub boys who get your little dicks so hard when you see me! MY Yahoo Group has almost reached 1,100 members so I need to do something very special for them. Any ideas?
I also have plans to start doing a weekly or bi-weekly video blog on YOUTUBE, since I feel that sometimes reading my blog might take too much time away from staring at me sexy body & pretty face. ;) Now it's time to rush off to take a shower & get some cleaning done before we cook out tomorrow. I'm going to have potato salad, Brunswick stew, BBQ ribs, hot dogs & hamburgers..and that's just for me!!! LOL Yes, I'm only kidding, I do know how to share even when its amazingly delicious food! Enjoy your Memorial Day, & don't forget the reason you get a day off on Monday.

POV High Heel Foot Worship Clip

More Sexy High Heel Foot Fetish!! Another one requested, I force my foot slave to clean the bottoms of my diryt high heel shoes! These shoes are one of my favorites too as the lace up around by thick calf. Looking so sexy and much like a Giantess, I expect my foot slave to do a damn good job!

It makes you want to stick your tongue out and lick the heel! I love making my POV videos just as much as you LOVE to watch them. I have so much fun pretending the camera is some patheic groveling foot bitch that sometimes even I get so lost in the fantasy I hope I don't try to break my camera!

As always, follow me on TWITTER for up to the minute updates & my YAHOO GROUP for more pictures, polls, and interaction with ME!

New this week, I have re-opened a MEMBERS only area:
For a monthly price $12.95 you get unlimited access to ALL my videos & pictures! I will be doing weekly updates, so there will always be something new! Focusing on Fetish and my big sexy fat Goddess body, all of my videos are now shot with my Canon Power Shot Sx210IS in 640x480. I can do HD movies, but will only shoot in HD upon special request because of the file size. If you are a member of my site and make a clip request PLEASE let me know!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Giantess Barefoot Goddess

New GIANTESS video Clip only on Clips4Sale Store # 30101! POV looking up at the Giantess Goddess, I even pick you up & taunt you for being so small!! Forcing you to worship my bare feet, you are helpless as a little tiny man on my floor!!

POV Giantess Barefoot Goddess Teaser by BBWGoddessAnna

Afraid of being squished in between my toes?

Cower before your Giantess Goddess! You know how powerful I am and you cannot resist! 5 Minutes POV Giantess Barefoot Goddess video clip only at

Look for a Panty Hose video clip to be uploaded this week &
more as requests keep coming in!! Don't be shy, you know there is something you want to ask, go ahead, let Goddess Anna know.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

POV GIantess in Sexy White High Heeled Boots

I LOVE doing POV clips! Just uploaded a new GIANTESS video clip!

This one was requested, but I loved it so much, I am definitely going to make more! I loved looking down at the little man and threaten with my Giantess boots to crush and smash into the ground! I look 100 feet tall and massive! From your point of view, you get to see my big thick, creamy things and jiggly belly looking so BIG, while you feel so small!

Haha, I get to look down & laugh at you, so small compared to my big Giantess body! Don't be scared! I promise I won't stomp on you...maybe. But then again, I may just stumble and my big Giantess body will fall on you and make you nothing more than a stain! Worship your Goddess from under my feet!


I love doing FETISH clips, so send me your request! The Goddess loves to dominate, so don't be afraid!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Rubbing Baby Oil On My Ass

Hi All!

I just showered & put my hair in braids, put on a sexy thong &
bras & has the camera rolling! I was just jiggling & shaking
that big sexy butt all over. Got my bottle of baby oil out & drip
it on my big sexy fleshy ass. It gets all shiny and slippery and it
takes a LOT of oil just to cover ONE cheek! Have a look:


Total 3 minute clip of my teasing and close up of my massive ass in all its
wet & shiny glory. Yea, that ass dominates you, and you fucking
love it.

Big Booty Shaking, Rubbing, smacking, spreading and Dominating you with all 61 inches!

Just cum to my Clips4Sale store # 30101

BBW Goddess Anna Fetish Clips

This weekend, I will upload a Giantess Fetish Clip & even more next
week! Put your requests in now so I can get them done quickly!

Goddess Anna

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Busy Goddess Loves You

Yes, I know I have been too busy to get on WEBCAM much at all this year, as well as being available on THE PHONE as much I was. The good news is, its because I have been working really hard in my minimal spare time from my full-time job to get together a bunch of video clips to upload to my Clips4Sale store BBW GODDESS ANNA FETISH. Summer is approaching and once I feel I have enough videos stocked up, I will be committing to a schedule of at least 1 hour a day, on JUSTBBWCAMS or STREAMATE or both!! Not to worry, I will Tweet, Blog, and post in the Yahoo Group when I am available and will keep a schedule so you will know when and where to find Me. As always, I do take requests for my video clips, as well as cam and phone, so if you have a particular fetish or desire, or want to schedule person time with me, do not be shy in emailing me:

I have not forgotten about all you pervs and your need to worship your Goddess. If you have any questions, but are too shy to email me, you can ask on FORMSRPING or TUMBLR. I do check my Twitter daily, even if I may not tweet much on any given day, it all depends on how busy work is. I work at home and when its busy, I have to ignore pretty much everything other than my job. I have found out that my tummy is bigger than it was the last time I measured, so I will have to change my stats, but as of this morning, I weighed in and was surprised that nothing had changed! I went all the way up to 341 recently, but am now back down to 333 again, without trying. That being said, I haven't had my breakfast yet, so I am going to eat some fried eggs &^ toast before work!

Monday, May 9, 2011

BBW Egg Shell Crush Video

I had fun Laying out these egg shells on the deck to tease and taunt them before their demise!!

These poor helpless egg shells were just sitting there minding their own business when I came upon them, They looked like they would make such a GREAT crunching noise under my black Platform Slides! I tease them a little bit, move them around, but ultimately, my size 11 feet win out over the egg shells and I stomp them into dust!

The full exciting Crunching, Crushing 5 minute clip is available ONLY at my Clips4Sale store!!
BBW Goddess Anna Fetish. Make a request for your Fetish clip!!!