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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Cam Experience

It occoured to me that I have been doing the webcam thing for about 3 months now, but haven't posted anything about my experience with it. I started with Niteflirt back in 2007, but that was mostly phone sex/adult talk and an occasional cam while on the phone. Work was majorly slacking off so in April, I signed up on AllBBWCams becuase it is sort of connected to a message board The Fat Forums that I had just started posting to. The best part about this cam site was that it caters to BBW, so everyone there is looking for a BBW, and it is based in the U.S. I'm not saying that the cam sites that are based in other countries are bad, it just makes me more nervous. I tried to sign up on LiveJasmin but something went wrong with trying to take a pic through my cam & it never went through, AND they are not based in the U.S. Anyway, as soon as I signed up, I Was able to get on the cams and start chatting. The way it works (no idea if other cam sites are like this or not) is anyone can register to see the free cams, as long as you have an email address. A camwoman can chat free with you all day long but you can't see any nudity, obviously.
So I stayed on cam almost ALL day that first month, even while working so I didn't always have my mic on. Most of the men there are very nice, and jump around from model to model talking and watching and major flirting. For the month I stayed on cam while working, I loved it. OF course there are the random derrogatory comments, the demands to show more than is allowed and guys wanting to show me their dicks all the time, but for the most part it was very fun. I did get a few paid cam shows and attempted to balance that with work, though not all the time. I did a lot of cam with my mic on when work was over & I found that was a lot more fun. I did not get many odd requests, and only masturbated maybe twice on cam. Mostly guys just wanted to see my sexy naked ass. Can you blame them?
I did have to stop camming while working the following month becuase it was getting too distracting. I still jump on occasionally, but with my job it is feast or famine and it has been VERY busy, which is great! But I haven't had time to get any new pics done, organize a new video, or get on cam unless work is too slow to keep me on, but it has not been lately.
My Cam experience has been fantastic, and I would reccommend it to anyone, though so be sure you check into whichever site you decide to join. Read their FAQs, google the site name for reviews and complaints, and never do anything on cam you don't want to. If you are not comfortable with something, don't be afriad to say no, I won't do that, becuase there are literally THOUSANDS of paying customers out there. Never feel obligated just becuase you are a webcam woman. Stick firm with your standards, and enjoy yourself while you do it. Don't get discouraged if a guy pays for a show but only stays 2 minutes. It takes a strong personality to handle it sometimes. One thing being on cam is not is easy. It is fun, but it is hard work too to get your name out there and to persuade men to see your cam show instead of someone else's. Despite this, never get jealous!! If John pays you today, then pays Jane tomorrow, don't tell him off, flirt with him more! I have spoken to guys who are VERY put off by this (unless of course he is a!!) Jealousy can lose a customer REAL fast.
Obvious tips I have are never get personal, never give him a freebie, and it is always better to let an established cam site have 60-70% if it means you don't have to worry about credit card fruad, scams, or paying for publicity. I do hope to get back to allbbwcams soon, & will be doing so in the mornings 3-4 times a week!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I have uploaded 2 new videos to my store!

BBW Goddess Anna Sexy Pear

First, I made a cute Belly Rub video focusing on My tummy. I rub and massage my tummy, then get all slippery with baby oil and even poke my pinky finger into my deep belly button!

BBW Goddess Anna Sexy Pear

Then I made a very naughty ASS SHAKING video! I start in my tight jeans, shaking and teasing, then strip down to my purple thongs with more jiggling, and strip down to naked ass! I even reach back and open it up once or twice to tease!

BBW Goddess Anna Sexy Pear

I hope you enjoy watching my videos as much as I loved making them! I am still working on my CAM SIT video, I just haven't found the right way to shoot it where it looks good, but don't worry it will come soon! Don't be afraid to make requests, I promise I won't bite unless you want Me to!

Goddess Anna