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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fat Ass Jiggle And Shake Slow Motion

You can never get enough of this big beautiful butt!!

On all fours on the bed, ass up, shaking and jiggling and smacking this big sexy fat ass.  But even better, you can watch all that fat slow motion jumping.  This is how it looks when you're behind me, riding me hard with your big dick, but it looks so good, you want it to last forever, see every curve, every wave of those big cheeks burned in your mind in slow motion.  This ass is just like fucking poetry!


I love how my 62 inch ass spread wide when I get on my knees. Watch up close from behind while I hypnotize you once again. Rocking, Shaking, Clapping, Jiggling and spreading my big sexy ass in SLOW MOTION! Just imagine your face, or your cock, pressed right against those cheeks feeling my flesh slap against you. Have a look at that wet pussy and tight asshole while you're back there! 

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Goddess Anna

Monday, August 13, 2012

No I Will Not Get Paid For Sex

I understand that a lot of people think a prostitute is the same thing as a webcam model, or porn actress.  And it is a fact that some do all of those things.  So it does not really anger or annoy me when someone asks if they can fuck me for $XXX amount of money.  It used to, but I realize that not everyone reads profiles, and like I said, they thing the modeling and videos I do are the same as prostitution.  Maybe they are uncertain because I see nothing wrong with getting paid for sex.  There are lots of wonderful women who can do it, but I am not one of them.  What DOES annoy me, however, is when I tell them no thank you, or let them know what it is I actually do, and they continue to ask, beg, plead, grovel, etc.  And oh yes, I do love a man who begs, but this is non-negotiable.
So this is what I will do.
CLIPS at or 
IM CYBER paid tribute through NITEFLIRT & IM on Yahoo or SKYPE

Any questions?  ^_^   I'm glad we got that all cleared up!

Goddess Anna

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

BBW Giantess Stomps Marshmallow

New Awesome CRUSH Clip!!!

These little motherfucking haters have been talking behind my back! As if a BBW Giantess can't hear them. HA! I show these little fuckers just what happens when they start talking about Me. Even the camera is scared as it shakes with every step! I prove I am far more powerful, turning all of those marshmallows into GOO! They cry and beg for mercy and try to cling to my wrinkled soles after I step on them, but they soon learn, BBW Giantess has no mercy for bullshit. Even the camera is scared as it shakes with every step! 


Always a pleasure with my POV foot fetish clips!!  More to come, so why just buy one clip when you can join and get access to ALL 83 clips, and an occasional special blog only posted in the members site!


For more personal one-on-one time with Goddess, there are other options.  Niteflirt phone lines are an excellent way to voice your admiration & appreciation for Goddess.  But an even better way is to see Me live on webcam.  Niteflirt has that too, as does, JUSTBBWCAMS.  If you can't seem to catch me when I am logged in, you may request a reasonable time.  Show me even more appreciation with gifts (yes, I did mention my Birthday is in 10 days!) from my WISHLIST or tributes are accepted as well.  Yes, you do get special consideration for doing so.  Video Clip requests are accepted, but special requests require a little more. 
I will leave you now to sit in awe at My Goddess body, towering above you, while you worship at my feet.

Goddess Anna

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I Know You Have Missed Me

But really, I haven't gone anywhere. I have been sucked into the void of buying a house, packing, moving, buying more furniture, getting everything the way I want it, and trying to figure out how to tend to so many plants and trees and lawn! Whew! I hate run-on sentences. Anyway, I wanted to let everyone know I haven't been avoiding you all, just literally been too busy to do anything else. I have enjoyed it immensely as I love my new house, even though there are still about 10 or so boxes not unpacked. I have started getting my office looking nice, but still have a little ways to go. These past few months have been a whirlwind, really. True, I haven't quite reached the point of being able to sit back and relax on my front porch yet, but I am much closer. I do miss being on line, being on webcam, and the phones and interacting with everyone like I had. So I am going to make DAMN sure I have time to assure my fans, and friends, that I am still here and wanting very much to get more videos posted while I return to the webcam as well! Seriously, its been a rough 5 or so months, but don't feel bad for me, its all been worth it as I love my new house. See ya'll on cam, or twitter, or Niteflirt, or here, where ever!

Goddess Anna

P.S. also, REAL exited about my birthday in ELEVEN days! Can you imagine?