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Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Couple of Updates!

Today I finally dyed my hair! I decided to do a Video Log before dying it& posted it on MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL with my new awesome webcam. It is sort of a farewell to my two-toned blonde/black look. I went with a much darker burgundy color & it looks fantastic! Look for new pics soon to show off my awesome change. Also, I have been spending a lot of time on The Fat Forums. If you haven’t been there, it is an awesome message board with a lot extra. There are lots of BBW models, links, and they have a special Fan Club section where a woman like Me can post pictures and have guys like you buy a membership to see them. I plan on doing this VERY soon, & will let ya’ll know as soon as I do! To sign up go here: FAT-FORUMS so I can get bonus points for referrals!
I have been VERY active on Twitter, so if you use it, please follow me:
Just a reminder, I will be on NITEFLIRT Wednesday from about 9am to about 3pm. Also, all week, I will be checking in to my ALLBBWCAMS account sporadically, so if you were canting to see me at a certain time, do let me know and request a personal experience with ME! I am almost ALWAYS on YIM (BBW_Goddess_Anna)during the day while working & for a couple of hours in the evening too. Too shy to talk to me? That’s ok, you can show your love with either this totally cheap-ass jack off fee of $7.15

OR buy me a gift or gift card at MY AMAZON WISH LIST. I have my video clip store OPEN: so do let me know what you think & I accept requests so send me your ideas for both videos and pictures. Also, for those of you who are the wimpy, pathetic wanna-be subbies, I better hear from you on my exclusive Domination line: Call Button so you can beg for forgiveness and grovel at My perfect, sexy feet while you pay your fees AND give Me gifts that I DESERVE.

Until Next time,

Friday, April 16, 2010

New Goodies for ME!

So I was able to obtain another 1 g memory stick for my Computer (yay) from a friend. I really can't tell a big difference, but I haven't noticed any lagging on it either. I had a few boys give me some Amazon Gift cars last week and was able to make a couple of good purchases! One is a mic/headset for the computer which is something I hadn't needed since I stopped playing City of Heroes/Villains (I still miss it!) but though it might be useful for when I am on my cam website ALLBBWCAMS & CLIPS4SALE . ALSO I was able to get a better cam! It is estimated to be delivered on Saturday, so I do plan on testing it out quite a bit. I have a Logitech now, but it was bought at Walmart about a year & a half ago and was not very high end, if you know what I mean. It serves a purpose, but if someone is going to pay to see my sexy body, it sometimes does not do the best job. I bought the Logitech 9000 & I just can't wait for it to arrive! Look for me showing off on Saturday & Sunday since I do need to test it a lot to get it juuuuust right.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Break Update (repost)

Just enjoying Spring Break. I don't I have to get up as early with kids out of school so I am actually able to get a full night' sleep! Also I have more time to plan out all the ideas and things I have been wanting to work on. I put up some Bunnie Pictures on My IMAGES4SALE site special for Easter & I am working on getting vid clips on My CLIPS4SALE site as well. My future ideas are to do a shrinking man one, foot job with my toy, of course a vid of me measuring different parts of my body, and maybe a masturbation, I'm not sure. My only setbacks are that my PC needs another memory stick AND my webcam is shit. I bought it about a year ago for the NITEFLIRT thing and it was like $20 then. It is logitech, but it still is a year old and basic, bottom of the line. I have heard a lot of good things about the Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 so I am most likely going to buying that within the week. Another problem is my video cam. It is a DVD Camcorder so I have been running into problems with converting the DVD to avi for editing or uploading to any site. The programs that convert it tend to make the video darker and lose some quality, so I am on the search for a better way to make both YOUTUBE VIDS & CLIPS4SALE vids.
OH! Almost forgot. I signed up on this ALLBBWCAMS site, and haven't really used it yet, oly just got on long enough to test it out. I've seen a lot of well-know Internet BBWs use it, so I figured why not. My only thing is I need to wiggle some time in to get on there. It's almost like wiggling my 60" ass into a size 26 jeans! LOL Not easy by any means since I am a size 32. I guess that is it for now, but I will be keeping my options open for more productive ventures out there!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Bunny Pics!

Special for Easter, I have a 26 picture set! My Bunny Pix! I had a lot of fun with these, but I am open to more suggestions. My cameraman thought the heels were a good idea, but I wasn't so sure. In this set I show my ass, pussy, face, completely nude, & eating peeps. So there is something for everyone to enjoy!
I am so excited that it is finally Spring & the weather seems to be cooperating, too. Kind of surprised that the pollen hasn't overrun us yet, but I am sure it will catc up soon. Before that happens, I was wanting to do some subtle/sexy outdoor shots, but I am not really sure what to do other than just being outside. Hmm...