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Friday, May 23, 2014

Plans For The Summer

It's going to be a hot one!  Since starting my new job, I have not had a chance to shoot as many clips as I want to, but now that I think I have a handle on what I'm doing, I want to get back into creating, filming and posting more clips!  I am going to have a theme, so to speak, but random at the same time.  I want it to be consistent, but unique each time! I am so excited for this!  I will be testing my new phone to see if the video quality is better than the camera I have been using for the past 3 or so years(I think it is better lol) so looking forward to be able to do more and explore! 

So my question to you is, what "theme" would really get you going?   I have a few in mind, but not going to give anything away until I put the clip out there. ^_^   To give you a hint, I will include some popular hashtags in the themes, as well as have you coming back wanting, begging for more!!


Goddess Anna excited and ready for you to worship this big sexy body!!

Goddess Anna