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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

BBW Giantess Clips4sale Update

Giantess Crush Plastic Bottles with Bare Feet 

I love how the crackling sound of these plastic bottles under my weight just collapses against my soles!! I walk back and forth over 3 different plastic bottles and make them ALL flat! Can you imagine what I could do to your face? These sexy size 11 bare Goddess feet destroy yet another object left helpless on the floor. Stomping my Giantess feet and making the camera shake, it feels like you are a tiny bystander on the floor watching me walk back and forth and CRUSH!!


 BBW Giantess Crush

Barefoot, this BBW Giantess stomps and destroys this pile of packing peanuts under her mighty weight. Admire those lovely BBW feet from the floor, you can even HEAR the little ones screaming with each twist of that massive foot. No one can resist this power. Not even the little packing peanuts can escape as they are quickly turned into dust.

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