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Monday, March 23, 2015

Easy Does it

I am looking to jump start back into putting out new clips once a week.  My full time job has hit a lull, giving me more time to fill it with my naughty self.  YAY!  I have been wanting to get more clips done for some time, so I finally have a good opportunity!  No more letting things stand in my way.

I have compiled quite a list of clips I want to do, and am most definitely taking requests.  I will be posting a cam schedule next week (I had planned on doing it this week, but my uterus has other ideas) So Keep an eye on my Tumblr, Twitter, Blogger, and Yahoo group! 

The very first clip I will be posting is a new updated body measure and weigh-in to see how much/if my body has changed since the last time!

But as the title of this blog suggests, easy does it.  While, ideally I want to jump into it all at once, I am going to take it a little slower than my brain does.  But never fear my big Booty fans, I will keep you all posted daily!

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